People do business with People they Know

A good friend of mine had a wonderful way of describing his understanding of building a successful website; and to me, it all revolved around the aforementioned statement.  He said that he viewed his website as a storefront; which in today’s technologically advanced society, it very much is.  He asked, “If you were to walk into a store which you have never been in before, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone show you around?  Isn’t that great hospitality in general?”  Of course, he had an interesting point.  Having my full attention, he went on, “Well we need to do the same thing with our stores!”

He was absolutely correct.  See, the downside to internet stores has been that customers, for the most part, can’t tell one site from another.   In the eyes of the customer, most sites are generally the same:  some text here, a banner over there, pictures here and there.  You’ve seen it.  So, to capture the attention of customers, one must find a way to stand apart from the average Joe.

Enter video marketing.  This application, which works alongside Web 2.0 marketing strategies, gives site building a whole new dimension.   For years, what has been lacking in internet marketing is the face to face interaction that really gives customers and clients a feeling of familiarity with you.  Video marketing is a way to get your message out there, yes, but with your own personality interwoven throughout your site.  And as the quote says, “People do Business with People they Know.”  Want to capture more business?  Make every visitor to your site feel like they know you.  Take them “by the hand” and show them around your well stocked store, and you’ll be pleased with the amount of click-throughs you’ll see!

Video marketing can be used in a number of ways.  It can demonstrate a product, or welcome visitors to your home page.  Most importantly, video puts a face to the site, which enhances the viewers experience on your site.  Enhancing their experience can trigger an emotional response that will increase your chances of making a sale.  It is a well known fact that consumers make emotional purchases.  And video has a much better chance of evoking emotion than simple text.    Additionally, you may have the opportunity to reach more people than you would otherwise, as today’s consumer is busy busy busy!  There aren’t many of us who have time to sit and read all the benefits of a product.  Besides, that can just get boring anyway.  Video – a good video – will tell me everything I need to know quickly and effectively.

The team at Start Ranking Now has mega experience with creating videos for your own website, or videos to be posted to other sites.  If you want to try your hand at making your own video but feel uncertain about the script, you can turn to them for a script that will get attention.  All that’s left for you to do is film and post!

When you’ve spent countless hours performing research to create a stellar website, chances are you are of the mindset that you want this site to be successful.  Ok, it’s 100% certain that you want your website to stand out and be noticed!  Putting video marketing to work for you may just be the difference maker.

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