How Do You Choose the Best Consultant for Your Business?

Hi, I’m Nicole Munoz, a Marketing Automation consultant. My expertise will take your business to the next level. Together, we can design and build a multiple six or seven figure business that serves your unique goals.

What Does a Marketing Automation Consultant Do?

Once you’ve established your business, and are consistently earning about $20,000 / month, you’ll start to feel stuck. Getting your business beyond $250,000 is typically your first significant income plateau. Without a business consultant, breaking the barrier is almost impossible.


To take it to the next level, I teach my clients how to streamline their businesses.

We break apart your current business model to find the gaps in your monthly revenue streams.

Then, we reorganize your business to automate as many systems as possible. Marketing automation consultants teach you how to multiply your money without working more hours or compromising your lifestyle.

We accomplish this by carefully discriminating the tasks that require your time, energy and efforts, versus those that are better left to easy-to-manage software systems. With my advice, your clients will continue to experience the same great service, too.

How Have I Made This Work for Me?

Psst…I’m a missionary. My life was never focused on making money to be able to afford luxuries. By pulling in a healthy income, though, my family and I don’t have to go on sabbatical every four years to raise the funds to continue our Christian teachings.

In addition to building a brand new home for my family a few years ago, we’re about to buy our own church. This is a venture I could not be more excited to fund via my skills as an online entrepreneur.

I have owned three multiple six-figure businesses. At its pinnacle, I employed a team of 23, wrote 12 books, was internationally recognized as an in-demand conference speaker…and I did it while taking the weekends off to be a pastor’s wife.

Your business is about you. Your goals will be just as personal to you as mine are to me. I know that my marketing automation systems work – just read some of my testimonials to learn more – and, if you choose to consult with me, I will help you excel in business so that you can afford the life you desire, too.

A Little More About Me:

I’m a mother of seven. Yes, you read that right, seven. My goal in business, like yours, was to establish a healthy income that supports my family. Having a flexible schedule means I can always put my family first.

My first business ranked #1 for the term ‘camping gear’ for over five years. I harnessed the power of marketing automation to build a multiple six-figure company. I will show you exactly how to do the same.

I excel in creating and managing complex multi-channel marketing campaigns. You’ll hear this referred to as marketing automation, which means my consulting advice focuses on building your marketing funnels to bring pre-qualified clients to you.


Put Your Faith First

I’m a mother of seven. Yes, you read that right, seven. My goal in business, like yours, was to establish a healthy income that supports my family. Having a flexible schedule means I can always put my family first.

Act as a virtual Chief Operating Officer. These crucial operations systems make running your business more efficient via automation and staff training.

Implement a complex marketing campaign including multiple marketing funnels and the in depth instructions to guarantee leverage in your market.

Consult during VIP Days. Let’s spend the day together putting your priorities in order and determining exactly what you need in order to excel in your business.

Your Priorities Are 100% Up to YOU

There is no one size fits all in business. As an marketing automation business consultant, all my plans are customized to you, your business goals and lifestyle choices. This means something different to everyone.

For some CEO mompreneurs (like me!), they simply want to spend more time with their family. That means, as a virtual COO, I teach them to streamline their business systems, become more efficient decision makers, and to choose the best team to support their work.

When I work with high-level coaches and authors, however, it’s a different story. For these clients, my advice centers on increasing their marketing initiatives, building easy-to-manage membership sites, and/or bringing in qualified website traffic to organically increase product sales.

Should We Work Together?

You might have noted that working with me is an intense, no-nonsense approach to growing your business. You will get the most out of my consulting if you are an established business-owner interested in using the next 12 to 18 months to fast track your growth.

My clients have included:

  • Authors, coaches and consultants, most already earning multiple-six figures and ready to invest their efforts to automate their marketing to attract more ideal clients.
  • Agencies – real estate, marketing or travel – that desire a business model where pre-qualified online leads are seamlessly generated.
  • Established entrepreneurs who feel like they’re at a standstill in their business growth but aren’t sure why – or where – they’re stuck.
  • Start-up consultants and coaches transitioning from a highly successful career into the world of entrepreneurship. We build a marketing automation campaign for you from the ground up to kick-start your business.

How to Connect with Me

It’s decision time. Are you ready to move forward with expanding your business into a lead-generation magnet?

If the answer is yes – and you’re ready to invest the time and effort it really takes to level up your life – I’d like to invite you to: