Ultimate Blog Party 2010!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Hi and Welcome to the 2010 Blog Party!

Thanks for stopping by! Did you come to join the party? Are you ready for it?

Who’s behind Stompermom!

My name is Nicole and I am “Stompermom”!  Why, “Stompermom”… get to that later!  First late me say that I am a Mom of 6, Pastor’s Wife, and Business Owner!

Live is never dull at our house!  I am a WAHM with 6 kids and baby 7 due this July! We live in Puebla, Mexico where we also work as missionaries.  My loving husband is the Pastor of our church.  We came here in 2001 and started the work from ZERO… well three if you count him, me, and our first child!  Living here has been an adventure!  Now we are running about 130 on Sunday Mornings.  You can check out our church at www.reachingpuebla.com and www.iglesiacristianabautista.com!

Our kids are my first passion!  I used to homeschool them but when the twins were born we hired a private teacher.  Each day they go to the church where the private teacher teaches them using the Abeka video program!  We try to make life on the mission field as normal for them as if they were living in a town in the states.  They have piano lessons, tennis lessons, and go to the park to ride their bikes at least once a week!  After school you can usually find Japheth reading a book, Rachel drawing or playing school, Sarah playing house or cook, David pretending to be Luke Skywalker, Hannah playing Mommy, and Ashley climbing a table or chair!

Our second year here on the mission field, when I still had A LOT more time and a few less kids, I started a few ecommerce stores.  I wanted to earn a little extra cash to go to Starbucks or buy a new dress once in a while!  After learning about a program that later became Stompernet.com, our site exploded and sales went through the roof!  What was supposed to be a part-time hobby morphed into a full-time business.  I soon began to hire people to help me run the business so I could balance my time between family, church, and the business.  About two years ago I also became a Moderator at Stompernet … hence the name.. StomperMom!  I found that my real passion was marketing and search engine optimization strategies and started a new site: www.startrankingnow.com to offer SEO Services.

As much as I enjoy marketing and my online business ventures, my priorities are Family, Church, and then Business!  I love to talk about parenting and how to raise excellent kids!  My goals for 2010 are to write a book on parenting and sell our ecommerce sites so we can build a second and third story of our church building!

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6 thoughts on “Ultimate Blog Party 2010!”

  1. Nicole, It’s nice to meet you. God bless you. You have such a full and interesting life! I’m visiting from the UBParty2010.

    I”ll be perusing your blogspace which I find very interesting 🙂

    Enjoy the party!

  2. Hi! Sopping by from UBP. I am a newbie blogger and very much interested to learn more about SEO optimizatio. Would definitely be coming back to learn more! Nice to meet you 🙂

  3. Your busyness makes me want to lie down! Missionaries in Mexico-very cool. Visiting from UBP. May God bless your efforts.


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