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Nuevo Laredo Trip
Nuevo Laredo Trip

Seriously trying to not complain here but dealing with the US embassy can sometimes be frustrating!  Expecting problems and trying to be as time efficient as possible I always try to send all the needed info as well as answer any questions I think will be asked ahead of time.  Of course that would have to assume that someone would actually read the emails and that the person reading the emails would just not just assume that the sender is not following directions!

In anticipation for the 7th Stompernet Live conference, we need to get the passport for our new baby Ashley.  We were able to get her certificate of birth abroad a few weeks ago in Nuevo Laredo on our car trip to the states.  We did not have time to process the passport however as they don’t send it in the mail but rather require you to come back to pick it up later.  Now back in Puebla, it is time to try to hurry to get the passport from the embassy in Mexico City.  (New laws state we can enter into the US with a brith certificate only if by car but need a passport to enter by plane.)  Unlike all of the consulates, to make an appointment, you must first fill out the application online and then EMAIL it to the embassy.  After a real live person reviews it and approves you, only then are you allowed access to the online appointment setting system.  Therein lies the problem.

Email 1

We have the certificate of birth abroad.  It was given to us in Nuevo Laredo a few weeks ago.  Here is the attached application.

Response 1

You need to get a certificate of birth abroad.  Go fill out the application and then send another email.

Email 2

We already have the certificate of birth abroad.

Response 2

Go fill out the application and then attach it to this email.

Email 3

Here is the attached file. (Strongly resisted the urge to say something sarcastic like…. AGAIN!)

Response 3

Access to online appointment setting system.

The whole process was faster than expected and happily we were able to schedule in just three days.  Could have been taken care of in ONE email if the person had actually read the first email though![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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