Run An Autoresponder From Your Own Server In WordPress



Did you know that instead of using an outside autoresponder, you can run it all from your own server? Using the Free WordPress Autoresponder, you can place subscribe boxes, add leads, schedule emails and send email blasts.

Here’s how to download, install and configure Free WordPress Autoresponder.


Step 1: Download and Activate the Plugin

To download Free WordPress Autoresponder, go to:

Scroll down to the bottom and enter your contact information.


Check your email and click on the confirmation link. Go to the members area.


Scroll past all the sales and promotional material until you reach the download link.


Once you have the .zip file, upload it to WordPress and activate the plugin as usual.

Step 2: Setup Your Options

Scroll down on the WP Admin panel to access Free WordPress Autoresponder’s settings.

4-Access-SettingsGo to Setup to setup your unsubscribe messages, footers and other basic options.


Step 3: Add Fly-In HTML (Optional)

If you want to have a hover-over style of opt-in box, do it in the Fly-In HTML box tab.


Start by customizing your fly-in box to look however you want. By default it edits in WYSIWYG, but if you want to edit in HTML just select “Plain Text” from the drop down box.

Once you’re ready, click “Test Fly In Display” to make sure the fly-in look show you want it to.

Then click the “Activate” button and hit submit. Anyone who’s coming to your site for the first time will see the fly-in opt in box.

Step 4: Add Normal Opt-In Box

To add an opt in box anywhere else on your site, use the Form HTML tab.

Again, start by editing the opt in box in WYSIWYG. Once it looks the way you want it to, change the display option to “Plain Text” and paste the HTML anywhere on the blog.


Here’s the “Plain Text” view:


Alternatively, you can also just drag and drop a Widget from your Widgets tab into any sidebar. This works just like any other Widget.


Step 5: Add Autoresponder Messages

Now that you have your basic setup complete, it’s time to add some messages to your autoresponder.

Go to the messages tab to get started.


Click on Add New Message.


Enter in your first autoresponder subject.


Click Add Message when you’re finished. Repeat the process for each email you want in your autoresponder.

Step 6: Send a Message Blast (Optional)

Want to email your entire list? You can do so from the Send Message tab.

Just specify which parts of your list should receive your message, enter your message and hit send.


Step 7: Manage Your List

To import contacts, export contacts or manually delete contacts, just got to the leads tab.


Then click “Delete Checked,” “Add Leads,” or “Export Leads” to do just that.

Congratulations! You’ve now learned how to install, setup and use Free WordPress Autoresponder. It can do just about anything an industrial grade autoresponder can do, right from your WordPress setup, for free.


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