Importance of Pinging Your Blog

Up until recently, most people wouldn’t be able to discern the meaning of the word Ping if not related to Ping Pong.  But now, with the ever advancing technology of the internet, Pinging is an everyday occurrence.

Remember that old movie with Kevin Costner, Field of Dreams?  Probably the most famous line of the movie was “If you build it, he will come”.  So famous is that line, in fact, that it has been used all over the world in all sorts of situations.  While many mistakenly thought that they could build a website with a great product or service and “they would come”, they quickly found out that ecommerce just doesn’t work that way.  Pinging can help change all that.

Here’s how it usually happens:  Mr. Entrepreneur delves eagerly into the fascinating ecommerce world after searching high and low for the right product to sell or service to offer; After the product is in place, Mr. Entrepreneur builds a pimped out website with graphics and images that will attract the customer, maybe he even writes a few articles and places them on distribution sites or creates a blog that he posts to every week.  He then sits back and waits for them to come.  In doing all of the work to increase web traffic, what Mr. Entrepreneur misses is the key factor of HOW.  How do they know to come if they aren’t told where to go?  They will only come if you tell them to!  Pinging takes care of that.

According to Wikipedia, Pinging is described as “In blogging, ping is an XML-RPC-based push mechanism by which a weblog notifies a server that its content has been updated.”  You’ve got to love layman’s terms for describing a high tech process!  The inner workings of pinging are not what is really important to an ecommerce business; what IS important is that it works; and by that, Mr. Entrepreneur earns business.

As a website owner, you are the CEO of your own business – the driver of your own destiny.  Your most valuable asset in building your business is your time.   You have spent that time choosing a product or perfecting your service.  You have spent it in learning the basics of web development and in hiring a team of professionals to handle tasks you are not skilled at.  Because you have spent your most valuable commodity getting your business going, it is pretty clear that you desire success as the end result.  Without employing the power of the Ping, you may be missing the big boat.  What pinging does is gets the word out that your marketing avenue, typically a blog, has updated.

There are multiple services that can ping a blog.  Instead of spending your time, your greatest asset, to find out how and what and where to ping, contact the professionals at StartRankingNow and have them take care of the service for you.  Not only can they ping your blogs to the most used sites; they can even write the blogs for you!  Those who are serious about increasing web traffic will be pinging.  Otherwise, they simply are not making the most of the marketing opportunities available.

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  1. This is so true! When I first started my blog, I definitely had the “If you build it…” mentality. Thanks to some good advice, I got out there and started getting traffic in return.

    Thanks for a great post!


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