How to Use Task Army


Task Army is an online gigs website that’s something between a freelancer marketplace and a gigs website. It’s like the middle ground between eLance and Fiverr.

There is no bidding system on Task Army. Instead, gigs have a set price, much like Fiverr or Tenrr. However, gigs can be priced at much higher than other sites; going for $10, $20, $50 or even $100 and above.

All gigs have to be approved by hand by a Task Army employee. That helps keep the quality of the gigs up.

Task Army targets a slightly more upscale market than the typical Fiverr customer. As a result, you get people buyers who have high expectations, but are willing to pay more.

You get to keep 80% of everything you earn. Task Army keeps 20% for commissions.

What Can You Sell on Task Army?

Unlike Fiverr and other similar sites that allow you to offer anything online, Task Army is very much geared towards internet business.

Services include:

–        WordPress development. If you can offer to write custom themes or fix common WordPress problems, you’re golden.

–        Website design. This includes both actual design work like logos and banners, as well as implementation work like CSS or custom WordPress designs.

–        Marketing. Search Engine Optimization, PPC optimization, social media and other such services work quite well on Task Army.

–        Virtual assistants. If you want to answer phones, do data entry or help clients keep the books, then you can definitely use Task Army to find virtual assistant work.

–        Copywriting. Can you write compelling copy? Task Army is good for both direct response copy and branding copy.

Here’s how to launch your first gig on Task Army.

Step 1: Create Your Account

The account creation link for sellers is not very clearly visible on Task Army’s website. While the features for buyers are clearly displayed, the seller’s registration link is quite inconspicuous, on the right hand side.


Fill out the form to create your account.


Step 2: What Do You Offer?

After completing your registration, you’ll automatically be taken to the gig creation page. Start by telling Task Army browsers what you’re offering.


Step 3: More Detailed Description

Tell potential buyers exactly what they’ll get when they purchase your service. Make sure to go into detail and include every little thing that you’ll do for them. Answer any questions you think they might want to ask. Use the spellchecker to correct any typos.


Step 4: Attach a Picture

Attach a picture that helps build credibility while catching attention. A picture of a completed project works well. A picture of you wearing professional clothing can also work very well. You can also create a collage of different designs in your portfolio.


Step 5: Skills

List the skills necessary to complete this job. This allows potential buyers who’re searching by skills to find you. It also helps you by putting your listing in the “Related Services” section.


Step 6: Deliverables

Your deliverables are milestones of what you’ll actually deliver to the person. Some gigs will only have one deliverable, while others will have as many as a dozen. Be specific and detailed, as buyers will use this information to make their buying decisions.


Step 7: What is Not Included

This is almost as important as telling people what is included in your service. You also need to tell people what is not included in your service. This helps set expectations, as well as helps avoid future disagreements.


Step 8: Your Past Experience

What qualifies you to offer this gig? Why should people pay you money to do it? What makes you credible and trustworthy?

Talk about your past experiences. People want to buy from people who’ve solved their problem in the past.


Step 9: Choose a Category

Select the category that most closely matches what you’re offering. If you can’t figure out where yours go, just see where your competitors are putting their listings. Generally you’ll want to try to offer services that do fit at least loosely in these categories.


Step 10: Price

How much do you want to charge? You can charge a one-time fee, a monthly fee or an hourly fee.


Step 11: Message to Clients

Let your clients know what kind of information you need from them before you can get started on your gig. This could include login details, product specifications, what kinds of designs they want, technical details and more.


Once you hit submit, you’ll see a confirmation screen telling you that your gig has been sent for approval.


Working With the Task Army Market

It’s important to realize that working on Task Army is a long term plan rather than a one-time plan. Try to build up a reputation and a history of positive feedback on the site.

Check out what your competitors are doing before you write your own listing. Take a look at the top of your category to get a sense for how they’re attracting clients. Then try to make your own listing even better than theirs in some way.

Keep in mind that in the beginning, you might have to charge less than you think you’re worth. That’s only natural as you’re building up your reputation. In time, you’ll be able to charge your market rate and even charge above your standard rate once buyers start to trust you.

However, much like any other marketplace, you need to spend a little bit of time and effort on establishing credibility and history.

Task Army can be a very powerful platform for bringing in new clients and making money on the internet. They attract a higher class of buyers and can bring in a very steady source of revenue for you.

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