How To Set Goals For Your Content Marketing Campaign

Before jumping in to content creation, take a step back and think about your goals for your content marketing campaign.  The question you always need to be asking yourself is… What action do I want them to take?  No piece of marketing material.. from business cards all the way to brochures or direct mail.. should ever leave your desk without you clearly being able to answer that question…

What action do I want my prospect to take next?

In order to answer that question, we need to have some specific, measurable goals.  So what kinds of goals can we have when working with a content marketing campaign?

  1. Join the newsletter list
  2. Like the page
  3. Leave a comment
  4. Share the page
  5. Tweet the page
  6. Opt-in for a webinar
  7. Call for a consultation
  8. Email for a quote
  9. Subscribe to the RSS feed
  10. Purchase a product or service


Now that you have a goal in mind, the next step is to think about the pipeline you are going to bring your prospect through to take that action.  Remember, everything you do from this point on, is with that goal in mind.

Let’s use a webinar opt-in for an example.  If your goal is to get more opt-ins to your upcoming webinar, then the content you create should be pre-selling your audience on the reasons why they would want to attend the webinar.  For example, we are going to do a webinar on February the 13th, 2013 about How To Plan Your 2013 Content Marketing Calendar.  Since the topic of the webinar is content marketing.. and since I have a few weeks until that webinar… all of the content I am writing from now until that webinar is somehow related to content marketing.  If at all possible I can incorporate mentioning the webinar I do that as well.


Let’s think about all of the different ways we can create content for this one goal.

  1. Blog posts pre-selling idea that you need to have a content calendar.
  2. Infographic about content marketing calendars showing a 12 month holiday schedule of upcoming promotions.
  3. Social media posts promoting the upcoming event.
  4. Video teaching how to promote your content marketing content and mentioning a content marketing calendar.
  5. Newsletter with articles on content marketing.


And it goes on and on!

So don’t be left out.  Sign up for the webinar on How To Create Your 2013 Content Marketing Calendar Now!

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