How to Make the Best of Google+ Pages

Google + PagesGoogle+ pages allows you to connect with Google+’s millions of users in a professional way. It helps you separate personal posts from business posts. Google+ also offers a number of unique features, such as the ability to segment who sees what on your page. Here’s how to setup and use Google+ Pages.

Google+ Pages offers are few unique features that no other social networks offer. Taking advantage of these features will help you gain more readership, more followers and build more credibility.

Use Your Circles


Separate the different interest groups in your user base and post different messages to them. For example, you might post different messages to prospects, to customers, to suppliers and to the rest of the world.

Take Advantage of the Multimedia Options


Google+ allows you to embed images and videos inside the post itself. This is an extremely rare feature that isn’t available on Facebook or Twitter. Furthermore, all the multimedia you post can be easily accessed in the Photos or Videos tabs.

Post Long Pieces of Content


Unlike other social networks which cut off your content and require you to link you, Google+ Pages allows you to just post it all on your wall. This is great for event announcements, unique content and product promotions.

Actively Promote Your Page to Your Google+ Friends and Circles


While Google+ pages can be a powerful tool for communicating, people simply won’t hear about it unless you talk about it often.

Audience is Sophisticated and Tech Savvy


Though Facebook has huge penetration, the majority of Google+ users are early adopters and people who like to test new technologies. As a result, by and large your followers will be very savvy. Don’t give out basic content; instead use your Google+ Page to promote only the best of what you’ve got.


If you don’t know how to set up Google+ Page for business, here is a quick guide:


Step 1: Getting Started


Start by going to to get started.


Step 2: Select a Category


Google has five different kinds of pages you can create. Each has a slightly different look and feel. Choose the one that best relates to the kind of page you want to create.


Step 3: Basic Information


Fill out some basic information about your page. Set the name of your page, your website and your privacy settings here.


Step 4: Share Your Page


Once your page is up and running, Google+ will give you the opportunity to share it with the world. Just enter a brief message and it’ll be posted to your wall.


Step 5: Posting on Your Page


Your page is now up and running. To begin adding content, just click “Post on Your Page.”

There are a few important things to know about posting.

First, if you want to post an image, a video or a web link, just click the corresponding button on the lower right corner. Any photos or videos you post will be added to the “Photos” or “Videos” tabs.

You can customize whether you want the post to be visible to everyone, or just a select group of people by canceling “Public” in the lower left and adding specific circles that you want to post to.

Step 6: Get a Badge


Adding the ability for people to “+1” your page or land on your page from your website can be a big boon for your page. The best way to do this is through adding a badge. Just click “Get the badge” and add the HTML code to your website.


Step 7: Hangouts


One great way to connect with users is through hangouts. These are impromptu (or scheduled) video chat meetings. To use a hangout, just click the hangout button on the right.



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