Get Started With LiveFyre

LiveFyre is a blog commenting system that allows you to integrate social media with your blog’s comments. People will be able to sign into their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google ID accounts to post comments. They can also “like” or “share” your comments using their Facebook accounts and can also follow you using the same accounts.

Basically, LiveFyre uses existing social media logins and allows you to post to social media from your blog’s commenting system.

Here’s how to use LiveFyre.


Step 1: Install LiveFyre


Go to your plugins panel, click “Add New,” find LiveFyre and click “Install Now.”


Click “Activate Plugin” when it’s installed.


Step 2: Creating Your LiveFyre Account


In order to use LiveFyre, you’ll first need to create an account. You’ll be prompted to “confirm your blog configuration” after installing the plugin, which basically just means they want you to create an account.

Click the link that shows up after installing the plugin.


Click on “Create New account.”

Create new account2

Enter the login details for your account.

Upon creating your account, you’ll need to go back into your blog, click the “confirm” link again and sign in.

LiveFyre will then import all your existing contacts.

Once finished, all the old comments on your blog will be imported into LiveFyre.

Step 3: Using LiveFyre


All the comment boxes on your site will now turn into LiveFyre comment boxes.

To post a comment, just type in your comment as usual. When you click “Post comment as” however, you’ll need to sign into a social networking ID before you can post the comment. This will allow people to post with their real identities, connect with friends as well as reduce spam on your system.


This is what the login screen looks like:

In order to follow a conversation, or to post to Twitter or Facebook, they’ll also have to sign in with those IDs respectively.
That’s how to install LiveFyre, create a LiveFyre account, use the commenting system and link it to an existing social network.


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