45 Fast Traffic Strategies You Can Do in 30 Minutes or Less

Blogging Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #1

Get Blogging. Make your blog your hub for all content you publish.

Fast Traffic Strategy #2

Link Up with Other Bloggers!  Register on BloggerLinkUp.com and MyBlogGuest.com to connect with other bloggers to do guest blog posts.

Fast Traffic Strategy #3

Invite Guests! Allow other popular bloggers to do a guest blog post on YOUR site.  (They will promote it and send your site traffic!)


Social Media Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #4

Socialize.  Use tools like Hootsuite and Ifttt.com to spread your message with one click. Setup as many distribution channels to cast a wide net.

Fast Traffic Strategy #5

Branch Out.  Publish your bio and links on sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and About.me. Talk about the benefits of choosing you and always include a call to action.

Fast Traffic Strategy #6

Be Shareable.  Make sure people can share your posts by putting social share buttons on all your blog posts and pages.

Fast Traffic Strategy #7

Be Followable. Link to your social networks so they can subscribe on their favorite social site.  Don’t restrict access to you on just one network.

Fast Traffic Strategy #8

Pin it.  Grab some traffic from the fastest growing social media site by pinning and re-pinning pics.  Interact with the Pinterest.com community talking about your niche.

Fast Traffic Strategy #9

Get LinkedIn.  Join a group and make some connections fast!  Look for groups that are having discussions and not just involved in self-promotion.

Fast Traffic Strategy #10

Share This.  Get others to share your stuff for you.  Use tools like SocialBuzzClub.com to connect with others that will promote you.


Video Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #11

Show Your Face.  Make short videos and post them to Youtube.  Use keywords in the title of the videos and include your link in the description area.

Fast Traffic Strategy #12

Introduce Yourself. Put a video on your home page explaining how why they should buy from you now!  Be real and communicate trust and likability.


Content Marketing Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #13

Just Share It.  You know that presentation sitting on your computer that you spent hours making and showed to one prospect? Put it on SlideShare.com and put it to work for you.

Fast Traffic Strategy #14

Repurpose with a Purpose.  Take each piece of content you have and repurpose it. Turn a video into a book.  Turn a book into a podcast.  Turn a podcast into tip sheets.


Content Sharing Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #15

Start Stumbling.  Share your content on StumbleUpon.com, Digg.com, Delicious.com, and Reddit.com.  Share your content but also like and favorite other people’s content also.

Fast Traffic Strategy #16

Use stumbli.com to shorten your urls and automatically add your content to StumbleUpon.com!  Bit.ly is another url shortener that will help track your clicks.

Fast Traffic Strategy #17

Get Tumbling! Post short Tumbrl posts, add quality images, tag them with keywords.


Media Opportunities Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #18

Get Placed in Real Media.  Use sites like Haro.net, ReporterConnect.com, and PitchRate.com to connect with reporters.

Fast Traffic Strategy #19

Be Newsworthy.  Use press releases to get the media aware of your achievements.  Once picked up on a media outlet, make a 2nd press release about that!


Podcasting Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #20

Start Casting!  Cool sites like Spreaker.com make starting your own radio show easy.  Share your podcast on itunes and promote it everywhere.

Infographic/Photo Sharing Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #21

Show It.  If a picture is worth a thousand words an Infographic is worth a million.  Almost all information can be represented graphically.  (News Media loves Infographics btw)

Fast Traffic Strategy #22

Get Smart Photos.  Use your smartphone to take pics and upload them instantly to your social media sharing platforms.  Use Instagram everywhere you go!

Fast Traffic Strategy #23

Picture This.  If Pinterest has shown us anything is that people love pictures.  Use picture sharing sites such as Flickr.com to promote your business and interact with prospects.


Books, eBooks, and Apps Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #24

Go where the buyers are. Itunes is the world’s largest search engine that has a credit card attached to it.  Create an app or digital product to sell on Itunes.

Fast Traffic Strategy #25

Kindle and Amazon.  You don’t need to be in Barnes and Noble to be a published author.  Get your book where the traffic is.  Give your book away for free if all you want is traffic!


Paid Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #26

Buy Traffic. Drive ultra targeted traffic to your site with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.


Email Marketing Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #27

Just mail it.  Email your list and send them to a video or blog post.  Send a short email that gets them just interested enough to click through to your site!


Local Marketing Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #28

Go Local.  Create a Google+ Pages Listing.  Add in a description with benefits and a call to action.  Include 10 pictures of your location and a video.

Fast Traffic Strategy #29

Coupons! Everyone likes a deal.  Post a discount offer on Google Places.  Set an expiration date and try a new offer at least every 30 days.


Community Interaction Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #30

Answer Questions.  Answer questions about your topic on sites like Yahoo Answers and LinkedIn Groups.  Fast way to become the authority!

Fast Traffic Strategy #31

Ask for Testimonials from Current or Past Clients.  Post them.  Then tell your clients where their testimonial can be found.  Teach them how to promote their own testimonials.

Fast Traffic Strategy #32

Hang out on Google +, Record It, Create a Video and Share It!  With up to 10 people on a Google Hangout you can all answer three questions and then cross promote each other.

Fast Traffic Strategy #33

Get Reviewed.  Send your physical products or Info Product to industry leaders and ask for a review on their blog. Be sure to ask before shipping anything.

Fast Traffic Strategy #34

Get Reviewing. Offer reviews and testimonials of the products and services you use to run your business and ask the companies to post your review on their site with a link back to yours.


Mobile Marketing Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #35

Get Mobilized!  Be sure your site can be seen on smart phones.  More and more people are searching for what the need while they are mobile and not waiting till they get back home and are sitting in front of a computer.

Fast Traffic Strategy #36

App Time.  If you were waiting for the time to create an app, that time is now.  App versions of your blog are much easier for mobile users to consume.


Direct Mail Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #37

Send a New Offer To Old Customers.  Amazingmail.com and SendOutCards.com can help you send out postcards fast and cost effectively.  Send a Thank You, offer, new service announcement, or info about your upcoming event.


Virtual and Live Event Marketing Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #38

Create an Event. Use Facebook Events and EventBrite.com to Promote.

Fast Traffic Strategy #39

Meet up with Others. Use Meetup.com to find groups of your target market and go hang out with them or create your own group!


Giveaway Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #40

Give Something Away. Everybody loves free stuff.  Have a giveaway on your blog and require likes and links for each entry into the giveaway.  Bonus Tip: Give Away Your BEST STUFF.

Fast Traffic Strategy #41

Lead Magnet. Make sure your site has an offer for a free book, cd, audio, quote, consultation, or demo to capture email leads then promote your offer.

Fast Traffic Strategy #42

Webinars and Teleseminars.  Create and promote a webinar that will pre-sell your offer.


On Site SEO Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #43

Be Searchable. Make sure you are using the keywords that best describe your services in your tags and metatags on your site!

Fast Traffic Strategy #44

Title it Right.  Use Borrowed Credibility in your title tag to improve the click through rate on the search results.  (For Example: As Seen On…)

Fast Traffic Strategy #45

Faster is Better. Page Load Speed Affects Your Search Rankings.  Work on improving your page load speed.

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