Aisle to Aisle in Barnes & Noble

A little while ago I was walking through Barnes & noble with my kids as part of my overall parenting strategy; to acquire a life long love of reading for my kids. Occasionally, I take them to Barnes & Noble and let them all pick out their own books. After they got done picking out their books they started to walk through Barnes & Noble and I began to think, wow, how much my life has changed over the years.

I remember when I was a teenager; I liked to visit the teenage section. As I got a little older I liked to visit the religion section. After I got married I remember my stop would always bee to the cooking section or how-to-decorate your home section. Then when the babies started coming I started to go to the baby section and parenting section. A little bit later after that, when I started to have more time on my hands, I liked to enjoy the fiction section of the book store and read alot of fiction books.

Now my favorite section would be the e-commerce, management and sales section and of course to go full circle, as I take my kids to the kid section all over again. Its amazing how a simple thing like a bookstore can remind you of little things in life that we should appreciate.

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