7 Examples of Facebook Pages and Why They Work

Facebook changes keep everybody guessing. Most recently the adjustment for businesses was to the timeline format. Adaptable companies quickly learned how to use timeline as a quality branding tool that allows them to engage customers and potential customers. Below are seven pages that appeared on multiple “Best of…” lists. There are some similarities across the board, but each company also managed to use their page uniquely. First, the similarities:

Using the timeline’s potential effectively

One of the greatest benefits of the timeline format is that it gives companies the opportunity to tell share their entire history on one timeline, complete with images of company artifacts, old advertising and how the company has grown.

Eye-catching cover photos

If the cover photo is dull or the connection to the page is not immediately understood, it defeats the purpose of having the digital billboard. These pages use bring colors and engaging content to market their brand.

Updates relate to life in real time

Whether it was the Olympics, the Mars rover landing, the beginning of a new semester or a Friday, these companies have found ways to connect with people through current events or common experiences.


Facebook gives brand pages the opportunity to create their own apps for the social media site. From games to registries to store locators, apps add to a page-visitor’s experience and create engagement with the brand.

Questions and polls to elicit feedback

It’s not enough for people to “like” the page, you want to engage with them and keep them coming back. Whether it was polls or questions in the context of a status update, people like to give input and share their opinion.

Starring posts

Starring a specific post makes the image related to that post twice as big on the timeline. For big news, special events, announcements or just really cool images, the star tool is an eye-catcher.

Now, for the seven company pages that do it well:

  • Best Buy posts printable coupons, responds to customer concerns on their wall, hosts an innovator video contest, introduces campus stores and lets college students create a dorm wish list.
  • Coca Cola is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Their Facebook page continues that tradition by posting amazing product images, sharing the company history and asking people to “check in” at various times during the week by posting something as simple as “Coke check-in. It’s 2:30 pm ET, where you @?”
  • Disney primarily posts quotes from their movies along with images from that movie. They star old cover photo updates, have numerous subpages and offer free downloadable wallpaper.
  • Old Spice by far has the best use of status updates. I don’t know who they have writing for them, but whoever it is has an incredibly witty guy sense of humor. The page also has funny promo videos and downloadable wallpaper.
  • Red Bull knows their niche well. Posts consist of extreme sports photos and videos with only occasional product images.
  • Starbuckshas a versatile page filled with polls, great product images, videos, events, jobs opportunities and a store locator.
  • Targetoffers a registry app, discount promo codes, promotes charitable giving, and has particularly relevant timing, especially as it related to back-to-school and the DVD release of the Hunger Games.

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