How to Get Better Results with LeadPages


LeadPages offers a simple way to create a multitude of different types of landing pages without understanding of any sort of code. But, to make it work harder for you, it’s imperative that you understand how to use it best to get the results you want.

Get Prepared

Understand in advance what type of money making page that you want. You have a lot of choices such as:

  • Sales Pages — A page, sometimes called a landing page, that is on the website for the purposes of convincing the reader to purchase the item discussed.
  • Opt-in Pages — This is a page, or email created for the purpose of convincing the audience to give you permission to market to them in other ways. This usually occurs for a newsletter, coupons, free give away, or email list.
  • Webinar Pages — You can use a regular sales page for a webinar page, but why should you when you can have a special page meant for webinars that will have a higher conversion rate that is also integrated with the webinar service.
  • Thank You Pages — Some people are doing away with thank you pages, to their peril. A thank you page is an excellent way to create more interest in other products and services as well as a way to ingratiate you to your audience.
  • Upsell Pages — When your customer has made a purchase, it’s the right time to offer them additional and complementary products and services. Sometimes an upsell is during checkout, sometimes on the Thank You Page and sometimes it’s a separate page all together.
  • Launch Pages — Are in the process of creating a valuable website or community? Then you want a way to capture interest while you’re still building. Creating a launch page that counts down the days to launch and captures email addresses is a great use of this space.
  • Pre-Cart Pages — This is a page that you can display to your readers once they have clicked through to purchase, right before the check out process. Often it’s where your disclaimers go as well as other information your reader is required to click before proceeding to buy.
  • Social Media Squeeze Pages — A squeeze page helps you better analyze your social traffic and gather information from your visitors so that you can follow up with them.
  • 404 Error Pages — Error pages are an often under used way to capture more leads, redirect traffic to make more sales, and to delight and surprise your visitors. By personalizing error pages, you’ll take advantage of unused space to create a higher return on investment.
  • Coming soon Pages  — If you’re in the process of creating a page but you don’t have a launch date yet, you can create an effective coming soon page that will capture leads and / or redirect them to a finished product.
  • Domain For Sale Pages — Want to sell your domains? Create a for sale page that captures information so that you can send them information about buying the domain name.
  • and More… There are so many ways you can use LeadPages to make your websites, social media, blogs and email marketing more effective that it’s hard to list it all in one report.

All of these choices still require you to be prepared with certain information to edit the pages and get them ready for publishing. Choose what you want your page to promote and then work from there.

In various cases you’ll need all or some of the following:

  • Images — As they say pictures are worth a thousand words. Be sure to choose images that enhance what the copy is telling the reader and does not distract or distance the reader from your words.
  • Sales Copy — You’ll need keywords, headlines, and sales copy for different areas of the pages that you create. Try looking at the template in advance, then making notes of what you’ll need.
  • Video — In some cases, depending upon the template you use, you may want to include a video. Look at the parameters of the space saver on the template and start from there.
  • Testimonials — The very best way to sell something is to allow other people to share their stories on how the product or service worked for them.

Collect Appropriate Information

Just click on any template that you like and look at the various elements it includes. Remember, you can hide different elements if you wish and delete them, or include them. If you choose to include them, you’ll need to go through the template and click on each element. Write down a list of what you need as well as the details such as:

  • 1 background image 1440×1100 pixels
  • 1 Headline
  • 1 Main Image 436×251 pixels
  • 1 Form Headline
  • 1 Main Text for front page about 15 to 25 words long.
  • 1 Call To Action
  • and so forth…

Just click on each element and look on the left side for the information that you need. For example for the following launch page:

17launch page example

First click “Use this template” then just click through the various elements to see what size the images are and so forth. All the elements on the page are also listed in the menu to your left under General Parameters and Page Content.

Under Page Content if you click on Background Image it will show you a section where you can replace the background image.

18getting prepared

It shows you what is currently the image, a place to upload a different image, and it explains the best size for the image. Write down the information you find under each element. Once you’ve completed your list you can now create the components you need to edit the template. You can create the components yourself or send them off to various contractors such as a graphic designer, copywriter, and virtual assistant.

Begin Editing

Once you’ve prepared yourself for all that needs to be included in the edit, you’ll be able to get the editing process done in about an hour for each longer sales page, and less time for shorter launch pages which can be edited in a matter of minutes. You can let your VA do this process too if you’ve put things in a good order so that he or she is simply cutting and pasting the information to the correct boxes.

Now that you understand more about “money pages” and you know about LeadPages and what it can do for you and how to get started there is no excuse or reason in your way to not begin. Make a list of all the different “money pages” that you can make with LeadPages for your products and services that you currently have.