I hired somebody, now what?

I was on a private faculty call with some stompernet members yesterday and someone basically asked the question, “I hired somebody, now what?”  Since I was not the one answering the questions, I could not give my two cents… so let me take this opportunity to share my opinion!

For most business owners, we know we need to outsource.  We know we just don’t have time to do all the things we need to do. We spend lots of money on ebooks, coaching, courses that promise success.  We even complete the courses, finish reading the books, vow to do better.  The number one factor is time.  We don’t have the time to do everything we need to do.  Case in point.  I know I need to market to my email list.  I mean I have 10,000 names already! I have sent out a grand total of 3 emails in the last 5 years.  So YES I need to do that.  YES it would most likely generate some sales.  YES it would reactivate some old clients. YES it would help me to move some of the inventory sitting in the warehouse.

The power of the group. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into a super secret Beta program within stompernet.com to be able to test out the effectiveness of the new program.  I won’t share all the cool details now… I have to wait until after the launch of this new cool super secret Beta program! But basically, in one of our group phone calls I committed myself to get started on the email campaign. First week went by and I wrote the first email in the auto-responder series that I have set up with aweber.com and then I programmed the mailing list to let me know when someone new signed up.  (A former employee email address was still being notified!) I then went in, figured out which template I wanted to use and then got to work writing my first email.  I decided to write one on Parenting Tips as it was topically related to that mailing list and for a mom of five, soon to be six, writing on parenting is pretty easy! I then went out and hired two people.  One to write the emails and another to put them into the autoresponder series.  Why two?  Well I hired them both full time… one as a full time writer and the other as a full time Editor for my team of writers.  I told the Editor it was going to part of her job to take care of the email campaigns for me!  So now when we have our group coaching mastermind phone call on Monday I can say, YES I did my homework. The power of the group.  Peer pressure at it’s best!

Back to the topic.  Let’s say you found someone willing to work for your budget and you want them to be as profitable as possible.  We all know that links is one of the most important factors in improving search engine rankings.  In this case I would recommend you to purchase the software program internet business promoter and to have them to some initial analysis of your site.  Get the business version as you are a business owner correct?  And use the link section to have the software find some potential link exchange partners for you.  Then INSTEAD of doing link exchanges, have your new employee call the websites and see if any of them would be willing to place an article on their site in exchange for a link back to yours! Then have your new employee write up an okay article related to the website content of the OTHER site. Somewhere in the middle if it is relevant or in the author resource box, have your new employee add a link back to your site.  Of course the link should be with a keyword and the keyword should be the same as the title of the page you are linking to… and of course, NEVER link to your home page.  It is a waste of a good link! This is just a start of the many things you could have your new employee do… but in my opinion, a good start.  Make a goal for them to have 2 completed articles placed on other sites per week.  Within a month they should have a list of 10-15 sites that are willing to put up your articles on a monthly or weekly basis.  At that point, or even sooner, you will want to outsource the writing part and have your new employee focus on just going out and finding new partners and cultivating the realtionship you have with the current partners.  There you have it!