Make More Online Sales – 5 Tips for Success


Budding entrepreneurs face the same issues as those who have been operating an online store for years, mainly how to increase conversion and make more sales. While optimizing pages pushes you up the rank ladder, you’ve got to be able to make sales once the buyer is on your site. Here are 5 tips to help you do just that.


Create Content that Causes a Response

Everyone with an online store has some experience with creating content for pages. Whether you offer a product or service, writing compelling copy is a high priority. Consumers need to know that you have what they need, but they don’t want to be sold. The fickle nature of an online shopper can be a challenge; but when you write content that is read, understood, and reacted to, you have gained a leg up. How do you do this? Simply put, you acknowledge what problem the consumer is facing, expand upon the problem just enough for them to know they need to change it, and then you promote how your product solves that problem or fills a need.


Create Urgency

Some ecommerce entrepreneurs have experienced great success with limited time offers. When a site visitor knows that a deal is only on the table for so long, they are more inclined to hit the buy button. Stores that utilize this sales method are successful when their offers really do expire. If your site promotes a limited time offer, but it seems to be ongoing, you run the risk of losing credibility with customers.


Take a Cue from the Grocery Store Checkout

Every time you go through the checkout line at the grocery store, there is a certain temptation to grab that pack of gum or candy bar; and these aren’t even things that you need! In your own online store, you can create this same “impulse buying” scenario and thus increase your sales. For instance, If your site sells clothing, then you could promote a belt or other accessory. Just about any niche has its own set of add on products that can work to get you more sales. Another way to get customers to look at additional purchases is to link from one product to another that compliments it.


Pricing: It is what it is

The last thing a customer wants is to encounter hidden charges that pop up during the check out process. For this reason, it is best to practice full disclosure right on your product or service page, to include shipping charges if there are any.

Giveaway image

Give Something for Nothing

Along the lines of pricing, a huge bonus is to offer free shipping to customers. Some companies do this on orders over a certain price, while others offer free shipping on the majority of their items. When offering free shipping, you need to make sure that you can do this without losing money on the item being sold.

In building your online store, there are plenty of things to think about; site design, vendor relations, and more. In all that you do to attract new customers, also make sure that you create an environment in your customer service department that will enhance customer relations and bring your customers back time and time again.