How to Write a Sales Page

sales page

Sales pages in theory cannot be interactive. You don’t want to imbed links and send your prospect to another website and you don’t want them to be distracted by activities.  But you can use tools like video, allow social sharing and other interactive elements. You want your sales page to engage your reader and compel them to purchase.  Sales pages, regardless of the type, have the same goals – to generate a sale.

  • You need to have a compelling headline
  • You need to stress benefits instead of features
  • You need to establish credibility
  • You need a call to action

As users become more savvy, the standard “but wait, there’s more” kind of copy won’t work.  They don’t have time or patience for long drawn out sales pitches.  They want their benefits bulleted, organized by quick and compelling subheads, and stressed early in the copy.  They want the headline to make a promise and provide a benefit.

They want to know exactly what they’re reading and what they’re expected to do.

This means that your copy must be tight and not ‘look’ like a sales page.  Copy that converts readers into buyers provides a benefit right in the copy.  Copy that sells online in today’s market informs.

Assuming that you’re selling a software product that creates sales pages, here’s a quick example.  “How to Write Copy That Converts The Savviest of Online Shoppers – Use Our Simple Blueprint and Increase Profits Today.”  The headline makes a promise “Increase Profits Today.”  It also offers a benefit “Learn how to write copy that converts savvy shoppers.”

Your goal for the rest of the article/sales page is to educate your consumer, giving them a few simple tips about how to convert savvy shoppers.  This way you’re offering your readers a benefit right in your sales page.  You’re educating them and establishing your credibility.

The main difference between today’s sales page and an old fashioned sales page is that you acknowledge the intelligence of your consumer.  Your sales page is quick and to the point, it uses bullet points and easy to follow formatting, it offers information upfront that provides a benefit, and it tells your prospects exactly what they need to do to buy.