Hackersafe A/B Split Test

By Nicole Munoz

Almost 6 months ago mostly due to high reviews and a great offer from we added hackersafe to two of our websites. As part of the offer we did an A/B split test to see if it really helped increase conversions or not. The A/B split test was run by Hackersafe and the results … Read more

A/B Split Testing with a Yahoo Store

By Nicole Munoz

My latest adventure has been learning how to set up google analytics and use google website optimizer to do A/B split testing with my yahoo store. I can’t give a higher recommendation than to say that Michael at is the guy you need to see. First, is a service that you can … Read more


By Nicole Munoz

Ever wondered how to homeschool 3 kids, take care of twin babies, manage the household, and run a full time business all at the same time? I have news for you. You can’t! At least not alone. Almost a year ago I joined an internet marketing membership site called StomperNet. Since then I have learned … Read more