It's Time to Launch Your Funnel In A Day!

Are you a freelancer, coach, consultant, author, or speaker that is making at least 1K per month… 

and you KNOW that if people out there just knew how YOU could help them, you could make a HUGE impact on their lives… that you could HELP them to get REAL results… but are struggling with figuring out this “marketing thing”?

If that’s you, then you are going to want to pay attention…

because I have a solution for you!

Have you…

  • Spent the last few weeks, months, or maybe even years trying to launch your business but are stuck with the technology part?
  • Hired expensive virtual assistants only to find that they needed YOU to tell them what to do and HOW to do it? 
  • Gone round and round in circles with your webmaster trying to get your funnel live so you can finally start selling your online course or program but are stuck?
  • Launched an online funnel before but it took you literally over 100+ hours and you are NOT looking forward to that experience again? 
  • Watched course after course that tell you WHAT you need to do, but not HOW to do it?

Wherever you are at in your business… you made that all important first step.

You decided that YOU were worth the risk.

You decided to bet on yourself! Congrats!

You made the right decision!

I’m here to tell you that it is absolutely possible to reach your dreams.

My name is Nicole and since 2002 I’ve been involved with online marketing in one way or another.

My first project was a tiny ecommerce store selling camping gear. Within the first month of opening I was doing 3K per month and after learning and implementing search engine optimization strategies it hockey pucked to doing 30K per month!

My second project was an agency helping others to build their ecommerce businesses. That business reached over 47K per month in less than 3 years!

As a Consultant

And lately, I’ve had the opportunity to consult with some of the big brands out there. People like Ramit Sethi, Ryan Levesque, Tyler Welch & Chris Evans, Derek Halpern, Mari Smith, Jamal Miller, Tracey Mallett, and dozens of other 6 and 7-figure business owners. 

I’ve been the behind-the-scenes secret weapon that the big guns hire when they want to get something done - and on time, without the tech overwhelm. 

As a Chief Operating Officer

As a Fractional COO I help my VIP clients run the day to day operations behind their multi 7-figure businesses. 

I’ve consulted for several Inc 500 companies and even a few Inc 100 companies.

And my team - they are implementation specialists! By following the strategies I map out, they are able to handle MULTIPLE launches simultaneously without missing a step.

My team and I have been the behind-the-scenes secret weapon for launches ranging from 50K and even more recently, 3.2M in just two days! *

It all comes down to having amazing systems and a great team. 

My business has been featured in some of the top online sites. Places such as Forbes, Inc., Mashable and Huffington Post.

Introducing the

Launch Your Funnel-In-A-Day Workshop Series!

The Launch Your Funnel-In-A-Day workshop series is...

  • Not 10+ hours of training
  • Not a 30 day challenge
  • Not a 97 page workbook

This IS prompt, effective, to-the-point workshops that will help you get your funnel 80-90% mapped and showing you exactly step-by-step how to launch your funnel in less than a day!

For the next few months, I will be hosting bi-weekly live workshops to help small business owners. Each workshop will cover how to set up a different type of marketing funnel. 

Each workshop is virtual and lasts 3 hours. They are structured to teach you the core concepts you need and have “implementation” periods where we apply what you learn into your own business.  

With these workshops, you’ll get more done in 3 hours than you would in a week, have hands-on training, and live support. Simply choose the funnel you want to build and sign up for a workshop below!

These workshops are great for small businesses. You could be a freelancer, coach, consultant, author, speaker, or entrepreneur. Whether you’re just getting started, making 1k per month, or more, this will help you accelerate your marketing and your business.

Why attend a

Launch Your Funnel-In-A-Day


Tap Into Expert Insights

I’ve had the opportunity to consult with industry experts like Ramit Sethi, Ryan Levesque, Taylor Welch & Chris Evans, Derek Halpern, Mari Smith, Jamal Miller, Tracey Mallett, several Inc 500 & Inc 100 companies, and more. Now, I’m ready to use my expert knowledge to help your business thrive.

Implement Strategies That Work

These are the same strategies that I and my team have honed for almost 20 years. They have been our secret weapon for creating profitable launches and profitable businesses.

The Best Bang For Your Buck

At $97, each workshop is cost-effective.


Each workshop has time set aside to help you implement these strategies in your own business. So you’ll be learning AND doing at the same time.

Live Support & Individualized Help

Each workshop is a live virtual training where I will be there to help you and answer any questions you may have as we go along.

Get More Done in Less Time

With this workshop, you’re going to get more done in these 3 hours than you would in an entire week.

Learn from your Laptop

The virtual workshop gives you the comfort and flexibility of learning from your home or office.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you attend the live workshop and you aren’t satisfied with the hands-on-training and live support, you can get your money back. Just reach out to me on the same day of the workshop and I will refund you 100%. Sign up today with confidence knowing that this workshop is committed to getting you one step closer to your dream business.

Workshop Event Schedule

This is the workshop schedule.

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