Why Providing Excellent Customer Service will Increase Sales


Each customer that you’ve acquired has a lifetime value. This is something you should know. When you acquire a new customer, assuming they are happy throughout their lifecycle, what will they spend and for how long? It costs many times more to acquire a new customer than to keep one.

16-checkClients who receive excellent online customer service:

  • Stay Put  — By providing excellent customer service that is above the rest you’ll create loyal customers who continue to buy again and again.


  • Buy Faster — A live chat will provide excellent and immediate customer service but it will also enable an expert to answer a potential customer’s questions immediately, thus encouraging the customer to buy today instead of moving on and buying from someone else.


  • Buy More — Want clients who come to you to ask for advice on what to buy? Want customers who turn to you as the first business to fill their needs? Provide excellent customer care and it will happen. 

Also, excellent customer service provides you with opportunities to:

  • 17-more-salesUp-sell  – Anytime you get to interact with a customer is a chance to offer an up-sell product or service, potentially doubling your profit. Staying in contact, outside of when your customers have a problem, is providing excellent customer service.


  • Builds Relationships – Good customer service builds relationships and once you have a real relationship with your customers and clients, before you know it your customers will ask you for solutions. What’s more, because you know your audience more, you’ll be able to create better products and services that solve your clients’ problems faster and easier.


  • Prevent Complaints  – By being in constant contact with your customers and clients, and being open to solving problems with your customers in mind, you’ll be able to prevent future customers from having the same issues by using each complaint as a way to change how you do business.

If you want repeat business, providing excellent customer service is the very best way to make it happen. Providing excellent online customer service will ensure that your customers will be happy, come only to you for solutions, buy more often and try more of your products or services.

Excellent online customer service will establish trust, develop your reputation and expand your brand. Finally, they will become your biggest cheerleaders, recommending you to others and singing your praises. What other reasons do you need for improving your customer service until it is exceptional?

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