Why Do Small Business Owners Need To Be On Social Media?

Many small business owners even in 2013 are reluctant to jump on the social media wagon.  Many still think that they don’t need social media or that they don’t have time to do social media.  The truth is, if you want to be in business and generate income from the internet, you have to be involved with social media.  The trend for social media has gone up exponentially and it is only going to grow more in the coming years.


Increase Brand Visibility
The first reason why small business owners need to do social media is to increase brand visibility.  If you don’t have a presence on the social media platforms it is like you don’t exist.  If you are a major company, it is expected that you will have a social presence.  Your fans are searching for you.  If they don’t find you, they will find your competitors.
Increase Client Communication
The second reason is to increase client communication.  The fastest way to communicate with your customers if you have a service outage or a hot item just came in stock.. is through social media.  Your customers are also looking to communicate with you online.  They are tired of waiting on hold for hours to talk to someone.  They want instant communication.  Companies used to have to spend thousands of dollars a year on live chat.. and some still do.  But social media makes it easy to quickly communicate with your customers.


Answer Questions
Your customers have questions.  And they don’t want to wait for answers.  Social media enables you to quickly and easily answer questions.  Many times a customer is on the point of purchase but they have that one last question.  They don’t want to call and talk to a live person.. that would take too long.  So they look for a live chat.. which usually also has a wait time!  They then tweet out their question on Twitter.. and get an answer moments later!  That is how it is supposed to work!


Increase Client Retention
When your customers have problems they want instant solutions.  Many projects have been saved by a few simple touches.  When a client signs on for a 12 month contract and the only time they talk to you is when the project renews… that gives your competitors 12 months to come in and build up a relationship with them to take them from you.  Don’t let that happen!  Use social media as a way to develop long term relationships with your customers.  Social media is not another sales channel.  It is a customer care and client care channel!

Drive Traffic To Offers and Promotions

Social media if done correctly is a great way to drive traffic to your offers.  When setting up promotions, be sure to have specific, measurable goals in mind.  Maybe the goal is 100 opt-ins to a webinar.  Or 50 new sign-ups to the newsletter.  Whatever it is, be clear in your expectation and design campaigns that get results.


If you are not yet on social media, start today!  At www.StartRankingNow.com we can help get you setup on social media in just a few days.  Or consider joining my Inner Circle class where I walk you through it!

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