What Do Start Ranking Now, Coca Cola™, CNN™, and EBay™ Have in Common?

Top social media conferences of the year

Social media strategists from each of these companies will be speaking at the upcoming Social Media Success Summit in Las Vegas on Feb 5-7. If your business isn’t using social media to connect with your customers, clients and prospects, you can be sure your competition is. So plan now to attend one of the top social media conferences of the year to learn how to tap into the social media conversation and maximize the return on your advertising time and money.

Join the nation’s most successful companies at SMSS Las Vegas 2013!

The 2013 Las Vegas Social Media Strategies Summit (SMSS) roster includes social thought leaders from some of the nation’s most successful companies. American Airlines ™ Creative Manager-Social Media Jonathan Bird is presenting The Best Defense is a Good Offense: Approaches for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy. American Express ™ Vice Pres of Social Media Acquisition Scott McAllister gives the opening Keynote presentation: Can you have it all with Social Media? Yes You Can! Click here to register for the event.

CNN Paypal Ebay

From CNN™, the VP digital marketing Dan Van Norstran will be on hand, along with social media managers from PayPal™ and EBay™ to instruct online marketers and e-commerce enterprises how to make the most of their social marketing. Digital engagement specialists from the professional sports sector, educational field and the casino and hotel industries are also on the event’s roster. With this diverse group, the SMSS promises to provide training for any business that wants to grow via social media marketing in 2013. Click here.

Also on the roster is social media expert Nicole Munoz, the founder of Start Ranking Now™. Built on her real-world expertise, Nicole is planning a high-energy presentation on Hard Core Tool and Metrics your businesses needs to master if you want to grow your social media investment ROI. Nicole is a top speaker at social media seminars across North America, and her audiences always walk away with specific tools and strategies to build and grow their businesses. Click here to register for the event.

The SMSS Las Vegas promises to be entertaining, informative, and practical.

Aaron Elliot from the social media thought-leader Social Barrel  ranks this conference as one of the top five in the nation for 2013. The three-day event is scheduled at Bally’s Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. In light of Nicole´s background and the stellar array of industry-shaping leaders speaking at this event, you will want to make plans today to attend. The SMSS Las Vegas promises to be entertaining, informative, and practical. If you’re looking for significant return on your social media investment, plan now to start your year in Vegas. For more information, visit SMSS Las Vegas 2013.

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