Utilizing Social Media is Beneficial for Your Small Business

As if you needed reminding, social media is the way to go when you are building a business of any sort. There are even authors using Twitter to build up their following! Seeing that, there should be no reason whatsoever for any small business owner to pass up the opportunity to work on branding and using social media to do just that.

A funny thing has begun to happen in the world society over the past several years; a reverting back to the days of our forefathers so to speak. When grandma and grandpa went to the country store in their small town or village, they knew the store owner. They knew who was selling them flour and sugar and coffee. While for some years, society as a whole became seduced by the “get it quick, get it cheap” lure, people all over the globe are now seeing that cheaper isn’t always better, and that fast doesn’t compare to trust when it comes to getting a product or service you need.

With the birth of the internet came a huge opportunity to expand your reach as a business owner, or start that business you never would have in the first place. But online business comes with its own set of obstacles; the biggest one being the desire of consumers to have a familiarity with the companies from whom they make their purchases. When people enter in that precious credit card information upon ordering your product or service, they want to feel as though they are handing cash over to the local store owner, just like grandma and grandpa did.

How do you do this when your business is online? It’s all about social networking, my friend, so hop on board and start learning how to make the most of sites like Twitter and Facebook while the getting is hot! Let’s take a look at just a few specific ways that social media can help you grow your small business:

The world is aflutter with tweets from the bustling site, Twitter. It seems that everyone from Al Gore to Miley Cyrus has something to say! Using Twitter allows you access to your core customers in real time, that’s the draw. To be truly successful, don’t focus solely on business topics. Be real, be you, be known.

Facebook is a great social site for businesses because it gives the ability to create not only a profile but also a fan page. This customizable page allows you to place coupons for your customers and post business updates that they may find interesting. Keeping your Facebook fan page up to date is as important is tweeting several times each day.

With all of the sites one can use – Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, etc – it’s easy to get caught up in “out there”. To really make a connection, it is highly recommended that any business also have their own blog or social hub that is updated regularly. Really, this is the whole purpose of making noise on other sites, to get people to visit YOUR site! This is where you can speak in your own voice in your own area of expertise. A blog or social hub is where you can offer great tips and tricks of your trade and create a reputation that will draw customers back to your site time and time again.

Each of the areas of social media marketing takes time. But as a business owner, your main focus is to bring more business through your doors – real or virtual. By spending necessary time getting to know your customers through social media, you will win trust and grow your business big.

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