Using Google Plus Hangouts to Establish Expertise

google-hangoutOne way to maximize your business brand on Google + is to find a way to establish your expertise. A great way to do that is to use Google Hangouts On-Air. You can use Google + Hangout’s On Air service free to give excellent presentations. You don’t need any special software, and you can do them at the drop of the hat.

There are so many interesting features with Google+ Hangout On Air that it’s something you must try in order to establish your expertise and maximize your brand. Whether you have an online business or an offline business using the features offered such as screen sharing, slide sharing, video sharing and more will really take your business to the next level.

The system is not hard to use, it’s pretty much like most webinar tools, but with a few additional bells and whistles.

Host a Panel Discussion

You can ask some of your colleagues or JV partners to join with you in a Google + Hangout On Air session then broadcast it live as it’s happening, post it to your Google+ home page, and even your channel for watching again later.

Host a Private Round Table

Do you work with or coach others? If so you probably often need to have private discussions with them. You can interact on a face-to-face level using Google+ Hangouts without going on air. You can still record it and use it later.

Present a “How-to”

You can use Google+ Hangouts On Air to present a “how to” do something that is related to your niche. When you schedule an On Air presentation you can notify all your followers and ask them to tell theirs.

Build Customer Relationships

Host monthly Google Hangouts just for customers that allow them to ask and get questions answered live. This is a great way to educate your customers about the products or services they’ve already purchased and mention new ones that might solve other problems they have.

Host Product Demonstrations

You can have a Google + Hangout On Air to demonstrate products and services that you offer. Don’t be afraid of “giving away the farm” even when you show someone how to do something, often they’d rather someone else do it for them.

Repurpose & Reuse

When you host a hangout you can record it. You can then download it and edit it for use on a membership site, or as a free give away to encourage newsletter sign ups. You can also have it transcribed and use it in other ways such as an eReport, eBook or even as a Kindle Book.

Everything you do on Google + Hangouts should be in your business’s name and focused toward your personalized audience. Use the same marketing tactics to promote your Google + Hangouts as you would any event you plan to host. Tell everyone you know, ask them to tell everyone they know, and use all methods available to you to get the word out from your blog to other social media accounts.


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  1. Great tips on how to use google+ hangouts and how to establish one’s expertise. I have a great deal of learning to do with google+. Thanks for sharing!


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