Traffic and Conversion Summit is Here!

If you are wondering why you should attend a live event… this is it. Hanging out with cool people in cool places!  🙂

Today started off with an early trip to the San Diego airport where I met up with Laura Rubinstein… founder of Social Buzz Club (highly recommend it by the way).  We headed off to San Francisco for Traffic and Conversion Summit together!

After checking in at the event hotel we headed out to explore the city with some amazing people.  Henry Evans of was there with some of us from his monthly meetup.  (On a side note…  If you are in the San Diego area, you need to make this a priority to attend.  Jon Barrett is one of the trainers and he blows me away each time with all of the valuable information being taught.  I especially like the 3 minute tips where we go around the room and share what tools everyone is using that is most helpful in their business.)

We ended the evening at a networking event… where we were able to meet up with a lot of old friends!

All in all.. an amazing day.

Now for some marketing tips and tidbits.

From this event I have already learned some behind the scenes tips I want to share with you.

Event Tips

  1. Visibility. All the staff were wearing bright orange shirts that had the slogan “I’m Smarter”.  This is great branding as it sets a positive tone for the weekend and associates being “smarter” with joining their membership site at “Digital Marketer”.
  2. Signage, signage, and more signage.  From the lobby to the registration area they have excellent signage.  You can’t get lost with the big arrows pointing you to exactly where you need to go.
  3. VIP Upgrade. Standard and VIP registration area.  Yep they have a VIP upgrade option and there is a special VIP area to register right from the very beginning.  And they are not right next to each other.  The VIP area is right at the front and to reach the regular registration area you had to walk all the way to the end of the long hallway… past all of the sponsor booths.  Smart.  Selling right from the beginning.
  4. Registration Form. Before you could head on down to the registration booth you had to fill out a form. They asked for information like name and address.. but also detailed info like revenue and list size and what topics you were interested in the most.  Brilliant.  I did not fill out all of the info but I am sure many did.  What better way to capture data from your target market than asking them to fill out a short “registration” form.
  5. The Goodie Bag.  The goodie bag had some sponsorship ads, a binder, and some other things… but the coolest thing.. was the t-shirt… but ONLY for members of Digital Marketer.  So guess what question the people in line asked… yep.  “How can I get a t-shirt too?”  The registration gal was quick to pull out a form and share how that if you signed up for a Digital Marketer membership you could also get one of the t-shirts… Yep.  Upselling right at the registration desk.  Nice!
  6. The Networking Party.  Awesome.  Photographers were doing their job taking lots of pictures.  The logo of the event was everywhere including being shown on a wall via projector.  An area was setup to take pictures with the DigitalMarketer Logo in the background.  Details.  That is what success is all about.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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