Top 10 Copywriting Information Sources

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Whether you use video, audio or text in your web marketing, you still rely on words. Compelling words are what attract web visitors, get them on your mailing list and get them to buy your products. The art of compiling compelling words is known as copywriting and it is an essential skill for any online business. If you’re looking for copywriting information, here are top 10 sources for you.


Site #1: Which Test Won 


A very informative and real-world blog by Anne Holland. Each week, Anne posts two versions of an advertisement or sales piece so that readers can get guess which performed better. After you guess, you can click through to find detailed information on which test won and why.


Site #2: John Carlton


John Carlton is a long time copywriter who refers to himself as the “most ripped-off writer on the web.” In short, people steal his approaches because they work and he readily shares them. His blog is very colorful, thought-provoking and may sometimes offend, but is usually at the top of the list for people serious about learning copywriting.


Site #3: Michel Fortin


With a background in sales and working as a copywriter to big Internet marketing, Michel has plenty of real-world experience and test results under his belt. Michel often refers to himself as an “avid tester” and is constantly tracking and testing copy to improve conversions. Thankfully, Michel is very open about sharing those results on his blog, in speaking engagements and more.


Site #4: Marketing Experiments


Marketing Experiments specializing in conducting research and testing to optimize marketing results. Website visitor can get access to a huge library of test results and read the blog for free. A podcast is also available.


Site #5: Ben Settle


Ben Settle is a no-nonsense marketer that focuses on teaching the power email marketing. With praise from Gary Bencivenga, Ken McCarthy, Brian Clark and Ray Edwards, you know he’s someone worth listening to. Visitors can sign up to get a daily email marketing tip and get other helpful advice.


Site #6: Gary Halbert


Unfortunately, Gary Halbert passed away several years ago, but his “The Gary Halbert Letter” still remains on the web and serves as an invaluable resources for copywriters and business owners. Click on “View our Newsletter” archive to be treated to a treasure trove of great writing and thought-provoking advice.


Site #7: Bob Bly


Robert (Bob) Bly is a freelance copywriter with over 30 years of experience and plenty of client experience. Many know Bob from the 70+ books he has written, but plenty of great advice is to be found on his blog.


Site #8: Karon Thackston


Karon Thackston is a no-nonsense freelance copywriter whose forte rests in teaching copywriting and SEO to others. Her straightforward, no-nonsense advice makes the complicated seem simple.


Site #9: David Garfinkel


If you’re looking for someone who not only know what they’re talking about when it comes to copywriting, but also knows how to explain it, look no further. While David’s blog is not always updated frequently, you’ll find plenty of gems there.


Site #10: Perry Marshall


While Perry Marshall isn’t someone we immediately think of when think of “copywriting,” he certainly has plenty to offer in this area. As the leading Adwords and pay-per-click advertising expert, you can find great advice on his blog. Visitors to his website can download free guides, read articles and check Perry’s speaking schedule.

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