Top 10 Affiliate Networks for Affiliate Marketers


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One of the most important things to being a successful affiliate marketer is finding affiliate networks that you want to work with.

Affiliate networks fulfill many roles. First and foremost, they’re the escrow system that makes sure your leads get track and you get paid. When you use an affiliate network, you can usually be sure that you’re getting credited for all the sales you’re making.

Second, they’re a source of offers. They aggregate vendors from all kinds of industry and put them all in one place for you, making it easy for you to find programs to promote.

Finally, affiliate networks can also be business partners and advisors. This is primarily true with CPA networks. A big part of your affiliate manager’s job is making sure you have everything you need to do your promotions. They tell you what offers are how and what traffic sources are working. If you have any questions, they’re there to help.

So what are the top affiliate networks you should be looking at? Here are 10 for your consideration.


Network #1: Clickbank


Clickbank is far and away the #1 network for selling digital products. That means eBooks, video downloads, audio downloads, membership websites, premium newsletters and so on can all be sold through Clickbank.

Because Clickbank has such a large base of products, it’s almost like a dream come true for affiliate marketers. You can find several products to sell in almost any industry.

Furthermore, because vendors don’t have any real costs, they’re often able to offer you as much as 50% to 75% in commissions. In fact, if you can deliver a high volume of orders, you can often negotiate that up to 80% or 90% as a side deal.

If you’re looking to promote digital products, Clickbank is one of the best places to look.


Network #2: PayDotCom


PayDotCom is another affiliate network dedicated to digital products. The big difference between PayDotcom and Clickbank is that you’re paid via PayPal, by the vendor. You’re paid once a month.

The range of programs on PayDotCom is significantly lower than on Clickbank. That said, the barrier to entry is much lower. You can make one sale on PayDotCom and get paid for it. On Clickbank, you need at least four different payment methods before you receive your first check – Meaning you have to make as many as ten sales to qualify.

If you’re just getting started and want to get some quick money in your PayPal account, PayDotCom could be for you.


Network #3: Neverblue



Neverblue is a CPA (Cost Per Action) affiliate network based out of Canada. They’re one of the longest standing networks in the affiliate marketing space and have a solid reputation for paying on time and supporting affiliates.

Neverblue is more or less a no-frills network. You won’t find crazy offers or crazy technology. It’s bread and butter, simply a great network with a lot of offers.


Network #4: Epic Advertising



Epic Advertising, formerly AzoogleAds, is one of the largest CPA networks around. They regularly have exclusive deals with advertisers, meaning you’ll find offers on Epic that you won’t find anywhere else.

They’re very used to dealing with high volume affiliates ($10,000 a day+) which means they’re highly familiar with sophisticated promotion strategies and techniques. A just starting out affiliate might have a tougher time.

Network #5: AdKnowledge



AdKnowledge, formerly Hydra Media, is a CPA affiliate network that’s gone through a bit of an identity crises. Instead of targeting the standard CPA affiliate marketing community, AdKnowledge is trying to go for higher end advertisers. To do so, they’ve severely limited the promotion methods they permit for their network.

In other words, AdKnowledge is doing their best to position themselves as “the whitehat network” in the CPA space. Advertisers who don’t want to be associated with unscrupulous promotion tactics come to AdKnowledge.


Network #6: Eagle Web Assets



Eagle Web Assets is another top CPA affiliate network. This network’s biggest selling point is their willingness to work hand in hand with affiliates.

Not only do you get an affiliate manager, but you’ll also get personal notes from the CEO and founder, Ryan Eagle. He’s personally available if you reach out to him for help.

What’s impressive about this network is that it came from seemingly out of nowhere and built a rock solid reputation in a short period of time. The reputation was primarily built out of taking care of affiliates.

If you’re looking for a CPA network that works in close contact with you, try Eagle Web Assets.


Network #7: Share-a-Sale



Share-a-Sale is one of the oldest traditional advertising networks around. It has a lot of big brands. Typical commission rates are around 8%. On Share-a-Sale, you’ll be able to sell everything from printer cartridges to contact lenses to furniture to flowers.

The culture of affiliates who promote on Share-a-Sale is very different than CPA marketers or digital product marketers. They tend to use consistent and traditional methods of generating traffic (SEO, PPC) rather than test uncharted promotion methods (mobile ads, PPV.)


Network #8: Commission Junction


Commission Junction is another top traditional affiliate network. They sport top notch advertisers like 1-800-CONTACTS, and various Fortune 500 companies. Don’t expect much hands on contact with CJ until you’re doing high volume.


Network #9: eBay Partner Network



Joining the eBay Partner Network (EPN) opens a whole new world of possibilities for you as an affiliate marketer. Basically, when your join EPN, you get paid for anyone who joins eBay from your affiliate link. You also get paid a percentage of what eBay makes when they create a listing or make a purchase.

What makes the EPN so unique is that you get to make money by selling goods at the cheapest prices possible. You can sell USB drives for a couple dollars or high end mattresses for 30% less than retail. With prices like that, there are a lot of ways you can promote to get people to buy.

Note that the EPN is relatively strict on how you can promote. SEO is highly favoured, as is building and marketing to your own audience. Borderline tactics like PPV are generally not accepted, while PPC promotions need to jump through hoops for approval.

Network #10: Amazon Associates




Finally, you have the Amazon Associates network. This network allows you to sell anything on the Amazon store for a commission.

You can sell music, downloadable videos and other digital content. You can sell books. You can sell appliances. You can sell clothes.

Amazon sports a whopping 12% site-wide conversion rate. That means that if you can send qualified traffic to Amazon, there’s a very good chance of you getting someone to buy.
These are the top 10 affiliate networks for affiliate marketers. We’ve covered networks for digital products, for CPA / lead generation, for physical products and for eBay and Amazon.



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