The One Easy Automation That Helped Me Increase My Sales by 50%

As an inbound marketing agency, Start Ranking Now Inc. includes an incredible team of professionals that are assigned specific stats to support our sales and marketing initiatives.

Like any agency, while we have designers, copywriters, and project managers, we also have an assistant with one specific job; she schedules my free strategy sessions. These are the initial sales meetings with potential clients.

Each week, we would spend roughly 30 hours contacting potential clients, adding them to my calendar for a strategy session, and follow up with them to confirm appointments.

Some weeks, we also had to wait for emails to reschedule meetings, only to have the time slots taken by other meetings while she waited for a response. Can you imagine how frustrating that is?


Look at the Big Picture in Your Business at Least Once a Quarter

While we were conducting a quarterly review, it became apparent that the scheduling system needed a reboot.

Not only was it creating a push and pull on my calendar, but spending 30 man-hours a week on scheduling was costing the agency a tremendous amount of money just to get to the first stage of a sales meeting.

And that’s when we started using time-scheduling software. We chose Appointment Core (kindly note that we have no affiliation with their services) to eliminate the tedium of scheduling strategy sessions.

Appointment Core took the guesswork out of our calendaring. The program:

  • Let clients choose a time from the calendar
  • Sent a follow-up email reminder immediately
  • Allowed clients to reschedule themselves
  • Emailed the client the day of the meeting
  • Texted the client before the meeting

This simple automation meant more clients attended my strategy sessions – and helped me increase business by 50% in just a few months.

How Does Automation like Appointment Core Work to Increase Your Business?

When it becomes too frustrating, time-consuming, or tedious to do something, it’s time to automate. Also, when the cost is more significant than a digital solution, you need to change your strategy.

In this case, 30 man-hours/week meant almost any solution was better than having a team member try to book my sales appointments.

After all, we can calculate that 30 hours for even a $10/hour assistant would be $300 / week, so that the agency also saved quite a bit on salary costs.

How to Choose Scheduling Software for Your Business

Before you consider any automation for your company, you need to first focus on what type of pain you’re having. If you find yourself performing a task again and again, you will want to research how to automate that set of tasks.

In this case, using a program to schedule sales appointments accomplished three key things:

  • It lowed employee salary costs
  • It increased the rate of clients showing up to meetings
  • It made cancellations / reschedules easier

You should also not consider your budget as the first reason to choose a solution. As you see above, the man-hours that it takes you to accomplish a given set of tasks will quickly pay for the program once you assess an issue.

Need more automation strategy ideas? Contact us to schedule your free strategy session today.

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