The Most Important Page on Your Website is Not Your Home Page!

Many times we as business owners get so wrapped up on what the store looks like on the front, that we forget to think about the customers we are losing through the back door.

Your thank you page is one of those back doors.

If your website is doing it’s job, then it is capturing leads and the second most visited page on your site is the Thank You page.  The thank you page is the page they go to after they opt in to your list.




The number you want to pay attention to is the percent of people that exit your site after viewing your Thank You page.  As you can see here, that number is pretty high.


I decided to make some simple tweaks to the thank you page.  I added in some calls to action to go back to reading the blog posts, to view the products, or to learn about my course and live event.  I also put in screenshots of my social media profiles with links.  If they are really ready to leave, that at least try to send them to one of your other properties!



What about you?  What does your thank you page look like?

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