How Traffic Geyser Can Help Your Business


Business owners are always heading towards one goal – growing their business! So anytime a tool comes along that can help with that, ears begin to perk up. That does not mean, however, that everyone rushes out to get started with a new business building technique. Many times we business owners take our time tip-toeing around a new concept before jumping in. It’s like putting your toes in the water instead of jumping right in.

We are experiencing a time when videos are streaming onto the internet at a steady pace. Making a basic video is relatively simple and very quick. Oftentimes videos are made just using a webcam and then posted onto YouTube or Facebook accounts. With the birth of Twitter, videos are being seen all over the world through that site as well. While this is all good, because video gets you visibility, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will increase your search engine ranking, and that is what you really want in order to increase conversions.

Traffic Geyser has been around since 2006, and is still gaining users as many businesses are learning that video marketing is a powerful tool. The idea behind Traffic Geyser is quite simple; to automate the process of submitting videos to free video hosting sites such as YouTube. By now people are really getting the idea of just how much video marketing can increase credibility (and thus traffic!).

Now, this may sound very simple, like something you could really do all on your own. But the difference between doing it on your own and signing of for Traffic Geyser to do it is substantial. Their service optimizes your video and text content for SEO, then syndicates your videos to several dozen video sites as well as to Podcast sites, RSS feeds and blogs. Once your video has been geyser2syndicated, Traffic Geyser then social bookmarks the videos that draw attention to a specific landing page. Think about it: in the time it would take you to load your video onto YouTube, for instance, you could just as quickly load it to the Traffic Geyser software and get more bang for your buck as far as submissions go.

The name of the game in internet marketing is search engine rankings. Traffic Geyser’s aim is to increase those rankings for keywords you have chosen. Ranking high is one thing, ranking high with a VIDEO gives you a huge leap forward towards success in business. The more places your video is seen, the higher your rankings will be. So far, tests have shown incredible results in ranking increases for sites that use Traffic Geyser. If you are ready to move forward with building your business big, this could be the way to go to make it happen!