How to Create a Consistent Brand


Visuals play an important role in creating a consistent brand. Changing a logo can create confusion so it is best to choose the appropriate one when starting a new business. Follow these steps to make sure you will not have to double the work in the future.

1. Choose an appropriate logo and tagline that describes your services to your target audience.

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2. Ensure that the colors, text, and usability of your website are topnotch. Then, carry over this design to your social media, business cards, and any marketing collateral that you have. By keeping colors, fonts, logos and the style the same you’ll start projecting a particular image or brand of your business. Whatever you create, remember that you’ll use it across all your online marketing channels and in any print materials that you will use.


Choose wisely and seek expert help if you’re not sure. In general with websites and with offline marketing collateral you don’t want anything too busy, and you want to use colors and white space to your advantage. The trick is to always think about your target audience when you create anything. This will keep your design as well as your copy in line with what your audience expects.