Dan Kennedy’s NO BS Books

If you have any desire to be a success in marketing, then Dan Kennedy’s NO BS Books need to put at the top of your Must Read Books for 2009 list.  One of the key things I took away from reading his books was that absolutely no marketing material should ever leave your office without a specific call to action.  He had an example of what he called “yellow pages marketing”.  Basically the concept is that your ad in the Yellow Pages should have an offer with a call to action.  The call to action should be compelling and move Mr. Couch Potatoe to get up and visit that website, call that phone number, and best case, make that purchase!

We put our heads together and a few days after reading the books the Yellow Pages representative called us up about renewing our ad for 2009.  We quickly redid our bland bullet point ad and put in an offer for a free gift if they visit a specific url on our church website.  We did not put what the offer was as we need to have the ability to change the offer depending on the response rate.  By telling people to visit our website, it gives us another opportunity to present our offer and also gives us an opportunity to try to get their email and even possibly their address so we can follow up with a real live visit.  What is better than letting your leads come to you?

Insert Success Story Here Later 🙂

As the Stompernet Live 7 conference is coming up, it is time to make some more business cards before the trip.  Following the idea that every piece of marketing material should have an offer.. we got really creative here!  Don’t want to spoil the surprise so check back after the first weekend in March to see what we did!