Start Ranking Now – Benefits of Outsourcing Work

I can remember even back in the 90’s companies were turning some of their tasks over to an outside business.  Most of my first paychecks came from a company outside of the one I actually worked for.  Back then, it seemed like outsourcing was limited to payroll, human resources and possibly IT services.  That is not the case anymore.

More and more, companies throughout the world are realizing the true benefits of outsourcing work to professionals outside of their own organization; and they span much farther than just cutting operational costs.  Even with many coming to this realization, there are still plenty of companies out there who have yet to learn that the lowest price doesn’t necessarily equal the best proposal.  While some get lucky in their overseas outsourcing efforts, many more find that their attempt to save a few dollars wound up costing more in the long run after work had to be fixed.  When you take into consideration the fact that you are saving thousands of dollars by outsourcing instead of hiring a full time employee, you can find it in the budget to make sure you hire a professional that is an expert in their field.

So it’s clear that money can be saved through outsourcing work of all sorts.  What other benefits can be gained by hiring someone outside of your company to handle tasks?  The most frequently cited improvements shown from surveys included better ability to plan, higher levels of operational reliability, and more rapid implementation of new strategies and initiatives.  Now, when you are in the process of trying to grow your business (as so many of us are right now), all of these benefits are quite worthwhile.

Through outsourcing, a busy CEO can plan for the future of videos used on his site instead of spending days on end trying to write a video script and set up video equipment.  Through outsourcing to U.S. writers, a business owner can focus on fulfilling orders instead of increasing web traffic through proper SEO practices.  Just these two tasks alone save months of work and thousands of dollars when they are outsourced to a startrankingnow company that specializes in this type of work.

Another way that outsourcing work such as writing and internet marketing benefits a company is in the time it saves a business owner from either both learning all the latest and greatest techniques and requirements and from having to find and train an employee in them.  Even if you were to learn SEO and video marketing, for instance; anytime there is a change, you would have to be on top of it in order for your marketing efforts to pay off the way they can and should.  Better to hire a professional marketing service to handle those tasks because it is their job to stay abreast of all the latest tools of the trade and all avenues they can utilize to help you grow your business.

Think there is risk in outsourcing because an outside company does not have a vested interest in your business?  This is an understandable concern.  However, when you take the time to ensure you are working with a reputable company like Start Ranking Now, you can rest easy that they understand taking care of your business IS their business.

Social Media Marketing – Social Media Marketing for Growth

Here’s what I see as the big dilemma of online business:  people don’t like to be sold.  This mindset held by millions of consumers worldwide produces highly fickle shoppers that will bounce from a website quickly if they feel the old “car salesman” push.

Where does that leave growing businesses when trying to get the word out about new products features and benefits?  Pay per click campaigns can quickly add up to large amounts of investment for customers who click on your page and then leave.  They also can sit idle because consumers who see those links on the search engine as advertisements will simply skip over them and move on to search results that show up organically.

What does this one behavior tell you about online shoppers?  I think it says that consumers like recommendations from other consumers over sales pitches from the store that has exactly what they are looking for.  This behavior also accounts for the widespread popularity of Social Media and Social Media Marketing.  First let’s look at Social Media.

Typically, media refers to news and print.  In regards to marketing, using traditional media techniques, called industrial media”, can be so costly that a small business could never hope to invest in marketing of this kind.  Social Media is generated by users, not manufacturers.  Take YouTube for instance:  this highly popular site is filled to the brim with videos ranging from funny animals to business techniques.  What is special about YouTube is that the videos posted there are done so by users, not employees of the company.

Social media can take many different forms.  These include weblogs or social blogs, podcasts, internet forums, pictures and video.  Just about everyone with a MySpace profile has favorite pictures and videos plastered through their site pages, as well as their favorite playlist.  What happens in Social Media is that users are now active participants in the whole online experience.

Now, how does this apply to your business?  Easy.  Keep in mind that people do business with people they know.  Up until now, it has been a bit of a difficult task to earn the trust of the average fickle pickle consumer.  But for the business owner who utilizes powerful Social Media Marketing techniques, business has never been better.  Becoming active on Social Media sites such as Twitter, YouTube or even Facebook and Myspace allows a company to reach out to the public in a way that is non-threatening. Startrankingnow is a good example to this.

Creating a blog is another way to interact with consumers.  Setting up and posting regularly about general issues relating to your business without pushing a product or service shows them that you are a good source of information, not a salesperson.  When first getting into the blogosphere, it is wise not to talk much about yourself.  Here’s another wise tip:  people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.  Show that you care about the thoughts and opinions of others when posting blogs and you will gain a reputation that will eventually lead to increased site traffic and sales.

Smart Realtors Use Search Engines for Marketing

In decades past, a Realtor would spend a sunny afternoon baking cookies and welcoming guests at an open house, and they would actually drum up a fair amount of business this way.  Who would have thought that a time would come when a Realtor would benefit from SEO?

Well, the time is here and the Realtor who can grasp the concept of SEO will gain a leg up on the competition.  In order to do that, the basics of SEO for Real Estate will need to be understood.  Just what is SEO anyway and what does it have to do with selling houses?  According to, over 80% of all home purchases start on the Internet.  This creates a unique problem for Realtors to create a web presence that will show clients who you are.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization.  According to Wikipedia, it is “the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “natural” (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results.”  It is important because it determines a site’s ranking in search engines such as Google.  The higher a site ranks then determines the amount of traffic it will see.  Ranking organically is more effective and far less expensive than attempting to drive traffic with costly pay per click campaigns.

The importance of optimizing your Real Estate web page is so that you get the visitor you want on your site.  What good does it do you if the visitors you are attracting are other professionals like yourself?  None at all.  You are trying to attract home buyers and home sellers, not realtors.  With that in mind, you can set out to optimize your site with basic words that a home buyer or home seller may use in a search; words such as “San Diego Realtor” or “4 bedroom home in Chicago”.

Here’s the thing; it is ultimately a Realtor’s job to sell homes and take care of the needs of their clients, not write web pages and optimize them for keywords and phrases.  This is why the wisest decision a professional can make is to work with the writing team at Start Ranking Now.  Not only can you optimize your website to attract the targeted traffic you want and need to succeed; you can also establish yourself as an expert in your local area through the use of optimized articles that point back to your website.  Doing this develops your reputation and allows potential clients to feel as though they know you before they have ever met with you in person.

Because people do business with people they know, using SEO in your web content is smart.  It gets you more visibility (which is key for any Realtor) and a familiarity within the community.   So while you are busy putting up signs and baking cookies at your next open house, your website will be working to give you a face on the web.  Use Start Ranking Now to optimize your web page and get ready for business to boom!

Increase Web Traffic with Articles

Increase Web Traffic
Increase Web Traffic

As many business owners are quickly learning, writing articles is a new trend in advertising.  Ecommerce companies, especially, can benefit from this new marketing trend, as they really have no face for the general public to relate to, and hence need to do all they can to increase web traffic on their sites.  And when it comes to making purchases online, there is still a fair amount of skepticism that needs to be tackled.  Take a minute and think about the store you frequent the most, like the local grocery store.  You go there because you know what to expect – sometimes right down to which clerk will check you out!

Ecommerce companies must create a voice and a face in order to increase web traffic, and they can do so by submitting quality articles to online directories.   Well written articles do a lot for a website.

  • Informative articles help you develop a reputation as an expert in your field.  If your site doesn’t sell a product but offers a service, then the articles submitted to online directories will be written about the benefits of the service you offer, or the problem that your service solves.  Not only do you now have a voice, but that voice is well spoken and enchants the reader to click on that link!
  • Every article that is placed into an online directory should contain links back to your website.  What this will do is create traffic, which in turn will create revenue.  You know where that leads to.
  • Publishing articles online through Ezines is essentially free advertising.  Who doesn’t like that idea?   A little time and thought into a well researched, well written article goes a long, long way.

Now, if you were a writer, you would most likely have made your millions publishing a book of some sort.  But you’re not a writer, you are a business owner.  This is why outsourcing to a company like Start Ranking Now to handle internet marketing has enormous value.  Article submissions can be a tedious task, not to mention the actual writing and research required to compose great articles for ezine marketing.   Working with Start Ranking Now, what a business owner gets to do is hand over a time consuming task to a group of professional writers and get back to the business of, well, business!

There are so many online article directories to consider for article submissions that finding out which are the best for your online article can be a shot in the dark.  Professional service providers know which article directory sites are high quality and reputable. This does make a difference, so why waste time trying them all out when you can get right to the best the first time out?

We’ve all heard it said that word of mouth is the best form of advertising.  That has been the truth since the beginning of history, and will not change anytime soon. Article submissions to ezines on a regular basis are a great way to create word of mouth internet marketing. You’re giving your site a voice that is friendly and informative;  You’re generating traffic back to your site through links; and with the help of great writers like the team at Start Ranking Now, you’re gaining optimized articles that will be read over and over again.

The Best Advertising is Press

smmA common concern amongst busy entrepreneurs is how to effectively market their business.  Let’s face it; if you’re not seen, you can’t make money.  Advertising can get expensive and there are no guarantees that any paid advertising will increase web traffic to your site anyway.  And yet most professionals overlook the power of a good press release!  This is understandable, as the preconceived notion may be that press releases come from news.  And if your company is not making news, then it doesn’t deserve press.

Not so.  When you have spent as much time as you have in finding a product or service to offer, priority must be given to marketing.  Since we live in a technologically advanced society, Social Media Marketing is where it’s at.  Advertising your business through press releases on the web through sites such as Google News can create a huge buzz that can lead you down the path of success.

An effective press release is good for building backlinks, credibility, and visibility in Google News for keywords.  Press releases also often receive good placement in search results for long tail keywords.  However, writing a press release yourself can be a daunting task that quickly begins to eat up the valuable time in your day.  Time is a CEOs most valuable asset, and should be spent wisely.  This is why outsourcing to a press release distribution service like Start Ranking Now is worth the small investment you would make.

For one, an effective press release can significantly improve your overall search engine rankings.  Key word being “effective”.   Every day, thousands of press releases are being distributed.  How to make sure yours is not overlooked amid the sea of news?  Know how to write!  If you don’t, that’s ok.  The professional team at Start Ranking Now know exactly what to do and how to do it.  Writing a press release is like breathing for these people!

The benefits of writing a press release are worth it.  The thing about this sort of advertising over others is that there is more credibility in it.  Press releases are give the perception of a third-party endorsement.  And since word of mouth marketing is the best way in increase web traffic to your site, a press release can act as the “mouth” that spreads the word!

No matter what the size of your budget, social media marketing is a tool that you can begin using today to grow your business. For a miniscule investment, you can have your very own press release, with added backlinks, distributed across the internet. Working with a professional team like Start Ranking Now eases your burden of trying to accomplish all the marketing yourself and leaves you with the time you need to effectively run your booming business.  There is so much to gain by taking advantage of a well written press release.  Credibility.  A reputation.  Visibility.  These things add up to an increase in web traffic, which equals more success for your site, which equals dreams coming true.