Profitable Webinars Made Easy


Webinars are a profitable and popular way to disseminate information to a lot of people at one time. It’s just like an in person seminar except that it’s performed over the Internet. You give presentations just like you would in person with slides, handouts, and other companion information. It is essentially a web based seminar. You can teach a class, deliver a lecture, conduct a workshop, and host an interactive Q & A event via webinar.

1-audienceThe technology allows event hosts to deliver their information to multiple locations at the same time because the attendee simply needs to be able to sign on to a computer terminal with Internet access to participate in the event.  Usually attendees can participate in a variety of ways from chatting in a chat room, to raising their hand electronically to speech, by using a microphone.

If you have a lot of information you want to disseminate to a number of individuals or groups but don’t want to spend a lot of money doing it, a webinar is your answer. Participants can join from anywhere, home, work, any country — as long as they have a computer and an Internet connection they can join.

They are economically feasible for small or large groups. What’s more, they are secure, in that unauthorized people cannot enter the webinar. In most cases the participants only have to download a small program to help them access the event, have ear phones with a microphone, the special link or password to join, and they are in.


Why Have a Webinar?

Many reasons for having webinars were mentioned above, but let’s get specific. Hosting a webinar can advance your business to the next level. It can jump start and excite affiliates, and customers alike. Face it, events are fun but they can be expensive and hard to plan. Webinars can be planned from the comfort of your home office, or from any location with computer access and an Internet connection.


Lead Generation

Webinars are an effective way to generate more leads. But you’ll need to book speakers that excite your target audience. A targeted topic will also help draw both speakers and attendees. By providing targeted content through a webinar platform with planned speakers you will position yourself to become a thought leader who provides credible, valuable and usable information about your niche.

To generate leads with a webinar you’ll need to ask for information at registration. That information should be sent to an email marketing mailing list segmented for potential webinar attendees. In this way you will be collecting leads via your webinar sign up process. By marketing the webinar, you’re marketing your email list.


Earn More Money

2-presentationAnother great reason to host a webinar is to make more money. Even if your initial goal is to get more subscribers, with more targeted subscribers you’re going to generate more income in the long run. But, if you charge for your webinar you could make more money in an hour than you thought possible. Imagine if you sold the hour for just 10 dollars each. If just 100 people attend the webinar you will have earned 1000 dollars for the hour. Granted you have to spend time developing the event, but imagine if you perfect the event and create a series conducting weekly webinars. How will that add to your bottom line?


Advance Content Marketing

The other thing that webinars do is simply disseminate content in a new way. From one hour long webinar you can create a year’s worth of content all from one event if you set it up right. Just get four to six speakers, record the event, then repackage the event in multiple ways to generate almost unlimited content all year long.

Once a webinar is over you can break it down to shorts that you use in your email marketing blurbs or as an eCourse. You can also transcribe it and create an eReport out of the event. Some people are creating Kindle books out of webinar materials. The sky is the limit with the amount of and different forms the content can take from just one webinar event.


Customer Satisfaction

Sometimes your goal is simply to improve customer satisfaction over a product. You might invite only people who have bought your product or service to a webinar that is exclusive to them. Your goal in this case is perhaps to conduct a Q & A to help customers utilize a product or service more fully.

Your objectives for having the webinar can be more than one of the above, but it’s better if you focus on just one or two objectives in order to create marketing materials that work. Determining objectives and setting goals indicates what metrics to study when deciding whether your event was a success or a failure. Having metrics to look at will assist you in perfecting future webinar events by identifying what works and what doesn’t work. By doing so, you’ll be able to develop a best practices manual for webinars of your own that is fully targeted to your unique market.

Start Ranking Now, Inc. is Available for Consultations at the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce Expo 2012

Start Ranking Now, Inc. is one of the most well known online marketing companies in the greater Carlsbad and North County area. Nicole Munoz is preparing awesome materials, tips and strategies to share with the attendees at the expo.

Nicole giving a Training

Online PR News – 06-September-2012 –The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce is hosting the Business Expo 2012, featuring small businesses and essential business services based in Carlsbad, CA, and on September 07, 2012, at the La Costa Resort and Spa, in Carlsbad, CA, Nicole Munoz from Start Ranking Now will be available for personal consultations on how to leverage the latest features of local Internet search optimization (local SEO) so that customers can find local businesses as they shop. Local SEO has changed how the internet search engines find and rank sites, and gives businesses the opportunity to be in front of local clients. The best businesses from across the North County area are meeting to provide business owners with the products, services and support so that they can thrive in the 21st century digital economy.

Start Ranking Now, Inc. is one of the most well-known online marketing companies in the greater Carlsbad and North County area. Nicole Munoz, Start Ranking now’s CEO and founder, has assembled a global team of internet marketing experts and serves clients across the United States with website design, internet marketing strategies and integrated Social Media Marketing campaigns. The social medial revolution has changed what customers expect from companies when they access their websites – the virtual front door for any local business. So now is the time for local business owners to review their online presence and strategy.

The Business Expo 2012 gives businesses the opportunity to find key service providers and to expert service providers to connect with new clients. Nicole Munoz is preparing awesome materials, tips and strategies to share with the attendees at the expo. Based on her previous events, business owners can be sure that Nicole will come with the advice they require to energize their online marketing efforts.

The Business Expo is open to businesses across North County. The tickets cost only $10.00 USD per person. For more information please visit:

About Nicole Munoz

Nicole Munoz is a mom, a missionary pastor’s wife, and lastly, an entrepreneur and business owner. She has launched three ecommerce sites, over 100 niche sites, and a successful SEO Company called

Her expertise and passion for the online business are well known and appreciated for all her customers and people involved in the online marketing.