How to Protect Yourself from Spam with Spam Arrest


Spam Arrest is a program that ensures you receive email only from verified senders. If you don’t verify an email address, the email will not be sent to your inbox.

The program works with a variety of Windows email programs, Eudora, Netscape and other programs with pop3 control.

Spam Arrest is a subscription-based service, but has a 30-day trial available. You can sign up at


Update to Spam Arrests Incoming Mail Servers

When you download the software, Spam Arrest will ask you to add an email address. Note, that you will need to use Spam Arrests incoming mail servers in your usual mail program as the email is now coming from Spam Arrest.

Your Spam Arrest user name will automatically appear. Just enter your Spam Arrest account password and click “Remember Password” if you don’t want to enter the information again.


Add People to Your Address Book

Normally, when someone emails you and you use Spam Arrest, that person will be asked to confirm they are a real sender. If you have people you regularly exchange email with, you can add them to your Spam Arrest address book, so they do not have to go through the verification process.

In the Spam Arrest Members area:

Click on “Address Book” in the far left menu.


Then click the “Add Contact’ link to add a new contact:


Enter the information and click “Save Entry”. This person will now be able to email you without verifying.



 Check Your Unverified Senders


You may find that you receive email from newsletters or other people who do not receive the verification email or simply don’t complete the verification process. For that reason, you may want to check your Unverified Senders to see if there is email you want.

On the left menu, choose “Unverified”:


You will see a list of your unverified senders and you can approve them. Simply check the ones you want to authorize and click the “Authorize” button:


Now the email will be sent to your regular inbox. You can open your regular mail program to view it:


 What the Sender Sees

If someone sends you email and they are not in your address book and you haven’t verified them, they will get an email that looks like this:


 When the user clicks the verification email, they are taken to a page where they have to enter a code:


And agree to a “Sender Agreement”:


Once they click “Verify”, the email will be delivered to you and this sender has been verified for future emails. The sender is then sent to a screen that verifies that their email was sent and is offered a free trial for Spam Arrest:



Note, you can sign of the Spam Arrest affiliate program and link your affiliate and personal account. Then you will earn a commission on any sales made through this process.