Social Media Cross-Posting Tools


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Most social media networks have gone out of their way to make it easy for you to share content to and from their networks. Posting from LinkedIn to Twitter is easy and viceversa. Pinterest makes it easy to share your pins with both Facebook and Twitter. So on and so forth.

Cross-posting your social media content will allow you to really maximize the power of each of your pieces of content. Instead of just getting the benefit of one exposure, you can get the benefit of exposing every single social network you’re a part of to your new content.

Here’s how to use the various cross-posting tools on the different social networks.


Posting from Twitter to Facebook

The best way to post from Twitter to Facebook is through the “Selective Tweets” app. The way it works is very simple. First, you install the app. Then, just append the hashtag #fb to any post that you want to also post on Facebook. Facebook will automatically recognize the tag and post the tweet as a status update.

To begin, find the app by searching for “Selective Tweets.”


Enter your username. Facebook will watch this username for tagged posts.


2.1 - Go-to-app

Then, whenever you write your Twitter posts, all you need to do is tag it with #fb and it’ll automatically cross-post. That’s as simple as it gets!


Posting from Google+

By default, Google+ can’t share posts to other social networks. Fortunately, the “Extended Share for Google Plus” plugin makes sharing posts to other social networks easy as pie.

Start by searching for the Google+ extension in your Chrome browser or in Google. Find the “Extended Share for Google Plus” plugin and install it.





Now a new share button will be added to your Google Plus posts. Just click the “Share” button and choose which network you want to share to.


The extension will automatically populate a share box with the Google Plus post that you want to share.



To post to and from LinkedIn, you first need to add your Twitter account to your LinkedIn account. You can do this by clicking here:




To share from your LinkedIn to your Twitter, just check the LinkedIn + Twitter option in the lower menu of the share box.



To post to your LinkedIn account from your Twitter account, just tag your twitter post with the #li hashtag. Make sure your LinkedIn account is linked to your Twitter account before doing this.



Sharing from YouTube

Sharing from YouTube is quite simple. First, click “Share” under your video. YouTube will then bring up the logos from Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If you click on the arrow in the end, more social networks like Tumblr and Digg will appear. You can even choose what minute you want to share the video at. Click one of these logos to share to these social networks.


Pinterest Sharing

Start by clicking “Settings” in the upper right hand corner of your Pinterest account. Move the sliders to activate the Facebook and/or Twitter relationships.


Once you’ve linked your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, you can simply click the Facebook and Twitter buttons under any one of your pins to share them with your social networks.


That’s how you can share between the various different social networks. If you really want to get the most traction possible, make sure you share every bit of content across as many social networks as you can.