Bookmarking Made Sweet

How to Share Content on Delicious


Delicious was one of the first social bookmarking websites to hit the internet. When it first started, its function was quite literally “social bookmarking.”

People bookmarked their websites using Delicious and those bookmarks could be shared with friends. People could find other bookmarks that they liked through seeing what sites people they knew bookmarked.

Here’s how to use Delicious to find and share links.


To browse popular shared content, select one from the many “Discover Delicious” on Delicious’s front page.


You can also search for popular shares on specific topics by typing a keyword into the search box.


Follow and Share

If you find something particularly interesting, you can save it to your favorite list. Do so by clicking on the plus sign.


Add a Link

To share content, click on “Add link” on the home page.



Add your link. Simply put the URL in the box and click “Add.”


Add your comment (an introduction or your own opinion about the shared content) and the tags. Make it Private if you do not want to share it with other Delicious users and then click on “Add link”.