Top 10 iPhone Apps for Online Business Productivity



One of the biggest benefits of having an iPhone is its unique ability to add productivity to your workflow. There are literally hundreds of apps on the App Store designed to help you speed up your work, reduce stress and increase productivity.

Some of these apps work by helping you keep track of tasks better. Others help you concentrate. Others help you co-ordinate with your partners and staff, still others help you increase your motivation. These are ten of the top tools for online business productivity.


App #1: Pomodoro

Pomodoro is a productivity system first invented by a college student for studying. It soon took off and became used by professionals, students, executives and online business people of all types.


The idea is simple. For 25 minutes, you work uninterrupted. No phone calls, no emails, no Facebook. If you get interrupted, you have to restart. After 25 minutes, you take a mandatory break, then do another 25 minutes.

The Pomodoro app helps you keep track of these times and stay on task.

App #2: Skype

Having Skype on your phone makes making phone calls or having Skype chats much easier. People often underestimate the quality of the microphone on the iPhone. It’s actually an extremely high quality mic.

Instead of having the scramble for a headset and a mic every time you need to chat on the computer, just install Skype on your iPhone and you’re good to go.


App #3: Recorder Pro

If you record podcasts, interviews or notes to yourself, this app is a must-have.

Unlike Apple’s built in microphone, this app allows you to name files, pause, retake, sort files and more. Use this to record audio for your online business on the go.


App #4: Mint

Mint allows you to track all your accounts on one easy to see screen.

Say you have two bank accounts and two PayPal accounts. Having to log into each one separately takes a lot of time. If you just want to get an overview of your account balances or if you want to check your bank statements, having all your accounts integrated into Mint makes things a whole lot easier.


App #5: Spending Expense Tracker

Tracking your expenses is a critical part to any online business. Having an iPhone app that allows you to track your expenses can make this process a lot easier. Instead of having to fire up QuickBooks and have it running while you’re operating your business, you can just quickly type in your expenses into an app.

You can use it for both personal and business expenses.



App #6: Evernote

Evernote is the leading app for taking notes. It automatically uploads all your notes to its web server, so you never have to mail yourself your notes again. Furthermore, sharing your notes on Evernote is simple and easy. If you have a meeting and want to share notes with others, you can do so easily.

Evernote also works the other way around. You can take notes on your computer then quickly have it up on your iPhone screen. It is great for meeting notes, shopping lists and so on.



App #7: ReQall

ReQall is a to-do list application that has a few very neat features.

You can share all your to-do lists with others who have the same app. If you run a business with outsourcers for example, you can all share to-do lists and make sure everyone’s on the same page.

The app also supports adding by voice. If you don’t want to stop and type, you can just leave yourself a voice to-do.


App #8: Dropbox

Want to access your files with your iPhone? One of the easiest ways to do it is through Dropbox. Any files you have in your Dropbox folder at home or at your office can be easily accessed through your iPhone. You can also share them easily via email.



App #9: iDoneThis

One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to regularly be presented with your accomplishments. That’s what iDoneThis allows you to do.

At the end of the day, iDoneThis will send you a push notification asking you what you did that day. Fill it out and it’ll add it to your calendar.

Then, a week or two from now, you can look back and see all the things you’ve done over the last week or two. It helps create a sense of momentum and motivation. You can also create group projects, so you can see what your team members have completed as well.



App #10: TripIt

TripIt allows you to plan your trips, schedule itineraries and wrap all your email confirmations up in one easy to manage package.

If you’re going to marketing conferences, meeting with business partners or traveling for any other reason, TripIt can save you a lot of time and headaches.


These ten apps will help you get more productive, track expenses, save time, manage accounts and more. Use your iPhone to its full potential and take your business to the next level.