How to Add Videos for Your Facebook Followers


Facebook makes it incredibly easy for both individuals and business to share videos. You can share videos recorded on your webcam, videos recorded from your iPhone or videos recorded from just about anywhere else.

Here’s how to add video to Facebook.


Step 1: Select “Video” in the Status Update

Choose “Video,” right above the status update bar.


Step 2: Select Video Source

Select whether you want to upload a video or shoot a new one from your webcam.


Step 3: Recording from Webcam

If you choose the “Record a Video” option, you’ll be taken to a webcam capture screen.

First, click “Allow” to give Facebook access to your webcam.


Then click the big red button to record your video. Once you’re finished recording, enter a comment and click “Share.”


Step 4: Uploading an Existing Video

If you clicked the “Upload a Video” option, you’ll be shown a page that’ll allow you to upload your video.

Click “Choose File” to find your video file.


Your file browser will open. Select the file to upload. Once you’ve chosen your file, enter a status update and click “Share” to upload your video.

Step 5: Upload from iPhone

It’s easy to upload a video taken on your iPhone to Facebook. Unfortunately, this can’t be done in the Facebook app itself on the iPhone. You’ll first have to connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable.

When you make the connection, first make sure that your phone is not locked. If it has a password on it, Windows won’t be able to read the files. If you have a password lock on your phone, just type the password into your iPhone and leave the screen on while you make the connection.

Once your iPhone is connected to your computer, you’ll be able to browse the files on your iPhone just like any other external hard drive. Your video files will be labeled numerically and chronologically by when the videos were taken.

Once you have a proper connection, uploading a video from your iPhone is exactly the same as uploading it from any other file on your computer. Just follow the steps outlined above.

Congratulations! You’ve now learned how to upload a file to Facebook from your computer, how to upload a file from your iPhone and how to record a brand new video from your webcam. As you can tell, the process isn’t overly difficult and can get you a lot of exposure in the long run.