How to Maximize Your Business Brand on Google+ Checklist


Creating a Google+ business page is just the beginning. Brands need to be consistent, follow trends and interact with their followers in order to increase their brand visibility. Check these questions and see what you should be doing to maximize your business brand on Google+.




Do you have a clear Google+ branding plan?

Have you created multiple Circles for different topics?

Have you decided on Google+ features that will work well for your branding goals?


Page elements


Do you have a cover photo (background) that eloquently tells your brand’s story or says what the company is all about?

Do you have a professionally designed logo?

Does the design match your website color scheme?

Do you use the same fonts as on your website?

Have you included a company tagline?

Have you included keywords in your company description?

Have you filled out the About section?

Have you started posting relevant information for your followers?


Page marketing


Have you added customers or followers to your page’s Circles?

Have you shares Google+ content with followers and Circle members?

Have you invited people to like your (+1) comments?

Are you posting high-quality photos? How about videos?

Are you updating the page profile regularly?

Are you sharing posts instantly with your Circles?

Have you created events?

Are you focusing all the efforts on brand consistency and

Have you created a ‘voice’ for your followers? Are you easy to recognize?

Are you paying attention to your followers – and their reactions to your company branding? Do they approve them? Are they being indifferent?

Are you constantly creating rich, quality content for your followers?

Are you posting and interacting through Google+ and my Google+ Business branding page consistently and regularly?

Is you Google+ presence optimized for mobile users?


Website requirements


Do you have the G+ button installed?

Do you have a G+ badge?

Do you have Google Analytics installed?

Is your website optimized for mobile?

Do you have the Google Authorship verification set up?

Are your website and Google+ Page eligible to use Google+ Direct Connect?



Nicole Munoz Youtube channel

I have come up with a strategy and schedule for branding my company through Hangouts on Air (and YouTube)

Is your YouTube channel optimized and uses the same design elements as your website and Google+ page?

Is your YouTube channel optimized for your main keywords?




Have you tried Hangouts on Air? Have you checked it with your team?

Have you created a series, using the principle of repetition in the episode titles to create event awareness?

Are you paying attention to branding by creating strong, keyword-optimized titles that include the company/ product name?

Have you added the Live Q & A feature to Hangouts on Air sessions?

Are you promoting your Hangouts on Air across several platforms? Here is what you should start with:

  • Blog or website
  • Email list
  • Local platforms
  • Twitter
  • Google+ posts
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • SlideShare
  • Other social networks

Are you using Google+ hashtags to promote the page, company, events, posts – and Hangouts?


Google Products

Have you checked Google Ripples?

Have you tried Google Offers for local businesses?




Have you set up Analytics goals for the traffic referred from Google+?

Are you evaluating audience characteristics and behavior?

Do you use data collection filtering and management features?

Do you perform performing A/B split testing to measure conversions?




Are you following these blogs and sites to be on top with what is new in the world of Google+?

At least one other social-network measuring authority blog, such as:


How many of these tips are you actually implementing?