How to do SEO in 2013

shutterstock_65075899Unless you have just opened up your online business, then you are well aware that SEO has fundamentally changed over the last 12 months.

For years Google has been saying that if you want to rank, then you must have a high quality site.  The problem was, that the sites that were ranking were not necessarily high quality sites, but sites that had the most links.

There were many schools of thought as to what you needed to do.

Those that followed the instructions of Google to just create high quality content, were frustrated as they knew that what they were doing SHOULD work… after all they were following the rules that Google laid out!

Others hedged their bets and built links from relevant sites to their sites in addition to producing high quality content.

And yet others relied solely on building a massive quantity of links without any discrimination of site being relevant or not.

Those that simply relied on link building were hit about February 2012.  Those that had hedged their bets and were trying to both give Google what they wanted, yet also get immediate results as well weren’t hit until about April of 2012.

And the sites that just built quality content without doing any marketing… well they are still waiting for top rankings.


So what still works now?  What does a business owner need to do today in 2013 to get top rankings in Google?

Well it is not that simple.

Today Google is truly ranking quality and authoritative sites.  But what makes a site quality in the eyes of Google?  What makes a site authoritative?  What do we need to do to get a site ranked in 2013?


Clean Code.   Does your site have html errors, php errors, broken divs, or obsolete code?  Does the site load quickly?

Awesome User Experience.  Are customers staying on your page?  Are they reading more than one page or just one?  Are they staying on the site or quickly leaving?

Fresh High Quality Content.  Your site must have a blog and you must be publishing to it regularly.  You don’t have to publish every day.  But what you do publish must be high quality.  And you can’t put up articles posing as blog posts!

Social Media Signals.  Your business needs to have a presence on social media for many reasons… SEO being one of them.  Social media used the right way is how you can promote your blog content to get likes, shares, tweets, and comments.

Author Rank.  You must connect your site to your Google+ account and also connect all of your blog authors to their Google+ accounts as well.  Google is looking for more transparency.  They don’t want to have personas on Google+.

Google Author Rank

Links.  Yes you still need links but before you run out and get more, you might need to get rid of some.  If your site has a lot of links from spammy sites, you will first have to get those links removed.  You still need to get high quality links to your site but fewer is better.  All links should be earned links.  For example, if you are a guest on a radio show and the radio show has a website, they would link to you so their listeners can find your site easier.  If you have true news and you publish a press release and the real media picks it up, that is fine.  Article directories, web 2.0 sites, and any other type of manufactured link is no longer part of SEO for 2013.

There you have it!  Focus on those six things and your site will get back on track!

If you would like an extra set of eyes to check out your site and show you exactly what you need to do to get your site on track, just contact me and ask about the SEO Site AuditSEO Site Audits start at $1500 and go up to $5,000 depending on the size of your site. 

45 Fast Traffic Strategies You Can Do in 30 Minutes or Less

Blogging Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #1

Get Blogging. Make your blog your hub for all content you publish.

Fast Traffic Strategy #2

Link Up with Other Bloggers!  Register on and to connect with other bloggers to do guest blog posts.

Fast Traffic Strategy #3

Invite Guests! Allow other popular bloggers to do a guest blog post on YOUR site.  (They will promote it and send your site traffic!)


Social Media Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #4

Socialize.  Use tools like Hootsuite and to spread your message with one click. Setup as many distribution channels to cast a wide net.

Fast Traffic Strategy #5

Branch Out.  Publish your bio and links on sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Talk about the benefits of choosing you and always include a call to action.

Fast Traffic Strategy #6

Be Shareable.  Make sure people can share your posts by putting social share buttons on all your blog posts and pages.

Fast Traffic Strategy #7

Be Followable. Link to your social networks so they can subscribe on their favorite social site.  Don’t restrict access to you on just one network.

Fast Traffic Strategy #8

Pin it.  Grab some traffic from the fastest growing social media site by pinning and re-pinning pics.  Interact with the community talking about your niche.

Fast Traffic Strategy #9

Get LinkedIn.  Join a group and make some connections fast!  Look for groups that are having discussions and not just involved in self-promotion.

Fast Traffic Strategy #10

Share This.  Get others to share your stuff for you.  Use tools like to connect with others that will promote you.


Video Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #11

Show Your Face.  Make short videos and post them to Youtube.  Use keywords in the title of the videos and include your link in the description area.

Fast Traffic Strategy #12

Introduce Yourself. Put a video on your home page explaining how why they should buy from you now!  Be real and communicate trust and likability.


Content Marketing Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #13

Just Share It.  You know that presentation sitting on your computer that you spent hours making and showed to one prospect? Put it on and put it to work for you.

Fast Traffic Strategy #14

Repurpose with a Purpose.  Take each piece of content you have and repurpose it. Turn a video into a book.  Turn a book into a podcast.  Turn a podcast into tip sheets.


Content Sharing Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #15

Start Stumbling.  Share your content on,,, and  Share your content but also like and favorite other people’s content also.

Fast Traffic Strategy #16

Use to shorten your urls and automatically add your content to! is another url shortener that will help track your clicks.

Fast Traffic Strategy #17

Get Tumbling! Post short Tumbrl posts, add quality images, tag them with keywords.


Media Opportunities Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #18

Get Placed in Real Media.  Use sites like,, and to connect with reporters.

Fast Traffic Strategy #19

Be Newsworthy.  Use press releases to get the media aware of your achievements.  Once picked up on a media outlet, make a 2nd press release about that!


Podcasting Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #20

Start Casting!  Cool sites like make starting your own radio show easy.  Share your podcast on itunes and promote it everywhere.

Infographic/Photo Sharing Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #21

Show It.  If a picture is worth a thousand words an Infographic is worth a million.  Almost all information can be represented graphically.  (News Media loves Infographics btw)

Fast Traffic Strategy #22

Get Smart Photos.  Use your smartphone to take pics and upload them instantly to your social media sharing platforms.  Use Instagram everywhere you go!

Fast Traffic Strategy #23

Picture This.  If Pinterest has shown us anything is that people love pictures.  Use picture sharing sites such as to promote your business and interact with prospects.


Books, eBooks, and Apps Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #24

Go where the buyers are. Itunes is the world’s largest search engine that has a credit card attached to it.  Create an app or digital product to sell on Itunes.

Fast Traffic Strategy #25

Kindle and Amazon.  You don’t need to be in Barnes and Noble to be a published author.  Get your book where the traffic is.  Give your book away for free if all you want is traffic!


Paid Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #26

Buy Traffic. Drive ultra targeted traffic to your site with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.


Email Marketing Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #27

Just mail it.  Email your list and send them to a video or blog post.  Send a short email that gets them just interested enough to click through to your site!


Local Marketing Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #28

Go Local.  Create a Google+ Pages Listing.  Add in a description with benefits and a call to action.  Include 10 pictures of your location and a video.

Fast Traffic Strategy #29

Coupons! Everyone likes a deal.  Post a discount offer on Google Places.  Set an expiration date and try a new offer at least every 30 days.


Community Interaction Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #30

Answer Questions.  Answer questions about your topic on sites like Yahoo Answers and LinkedIn Groups.  Fast way to become the authority!

Fast Traffic Strategy #31

Ask for Testimonials from Current or Past Clients.  Post them.  Then tell your clients where their testimonial can be found.  Teach them how to promote their own testimonials.

Fast Traffic Strategy #32

Hang out on Google +, Record It, Create a Video and Share It!  With up to 10 people on a Google Hangout you can all answer three questions and then cross promote each other.

Fast Traffic Strategy #33

Get Reviewed.  Send your physical products or Info Product to industry leaders and ask for a review on their blog. Be sure to ask before shipping anything.

Fast Traffic Strategy #34

Get Reviewing. Offer reviews and testimonials of the products and services you use to run your business and ask the companies to post your review on their site with a link back to yours.


Mobile Marketing Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #35

Get Mobilized!  Be sure your site can be seen on smart phones.  More and more people are searching for what the need while they are mobile and not waiting till they get back home and are sitting in front of a computer.

Fast Traffic Strategy #36

App Time.  If you were waiting for the time to create an app, that time is now.  App versions of your blog are much easier for mobile users to consume.


Direct Mail Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #37

Send a New Offer To Old Customers. and can help you send out postcards fast and cost effectively.  Send a Thank You, offer, new service announcement, or info about your upcoming event.


Virtual and Live Event Marketing Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #38

Create an Event. Use Facebook Events and to Promote.

Fast Traffic Strategy #39

Meet up with Others. Use to find groups of your target market and go hang out with them or create your own group!


Giveaway Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #40

Give Something Away. Everybody loves free stuff.  Have a giveaway on your blog and require likes and links for each entry into the giveaway.  Bonus Tip: Give Away Your BEST STUFF.

Fast Traffic Strategy #41

Lead Magnet. Make sure your site has an offer for a free book, cd, audio, quote, consultation, or demo to capture email leads then promote your offer.

Fast Traffic Strategy #42

Webinars and Teleseminars.  Create and promote a webinar that will pre-sell your offer.


On Site SEO Fast Traffic Strategies

Fast Traffic Strategy #43

Be Searchable. Make sure you are using the keywords that best describe your services in your tags and metatags on your site!

Fast Traffic Strategy #44

Title it Right.  Use Borrowed Credibility in your title tag to improve the click through rate on the search results.  (For Example: As Seen On…)

Fast Traffic Strategy #45

Faster is Better. Page Load Speed Affects Your Search Rankings.  Work on improving your page load speed.

How To Drive Over 10,000 visitors to your Blog from Facebook

How would you like to know how you can drive over 10,000 visitors a month to your blog just from Facebook?

I would like to share with you a strategy I learned from Chris Farrell at the DotCom Expo 2012 in Connecticut.

There are 3 simple strategies that you can implement in your blog today!

Please let me know what you think below, and if you have any other ideas. Thanks!

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Start Ranking Now, Inc. is one of the most well known online marketing companies in the greater Carlsbad and North County area. Nicole Munoz is preparing awesome materials, tips and strategies to share with the attendees at the expo.

Nicole giving a Training

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The Business Expo 2012 gives businesses the opportunity to find key service providers and to expert service providers to connect with new clients. Nicole Munoz is preparing awesome materials, tips and strategies to share with the attendees at the expo. Based on her previous events, business owners can be sure that Nicole will come with the advice they require to energize their online marketing efforts.

The Business Expo is open to businesses across North County. The tickets cost only $10.00 USD per person. For more information please visit:

About Nicole Munoz

Nicole Munoz is a mom, a missionary pastor’s wife, and lastly, an entrepreneur and business owner. She has launched three ecommerce sites, over 100 niche sites, and a successful SEO Company called

Her expertise and passion for the online business are well known and appreciated for all her customers and people involved in the online marketing.

How to Get Ethical Paid High Quality Links!

If you say “paid” links too loudly in a room at a marketing conference you are almost guaranteed to get some of the looks! You know the one’s! Where they look at you with a shocked look on their face because you dared to mention what some to consider a grey or black hat link building strategy in a day where Google has made it clear that their goal is to devalue any type of link building activity under the guise of eliminating spam!

What most fail to admit is that there are plenty of ways to get legitimate paid links. In fact, I just purchased one today. 🙂 And I did it without crossing the line into any grey or black hat strategies! How?

Professional Associations and Memberships.

When you join a professional organization you are asked to pay a yearly fee and as part of your membership you are usually listed in their online members directory… with a link back to your site! This is an easy way to build up some ethical and legitimate high quality links to your site.

Two examples of professional associations are the BBB and the Chamber of Commerce.

Other examples of ethical paid links are sponsorships. For example if someone is having a fundraiser and you promise to support them for $10 per mile they bike… and there is a website listing the donors.. technically that would be a paid link as well.. yet an ethical paid link.

You can find opportunities for sponsorships by searching for “sponsor + 2011” and our keyword or city. You want to search for the word “sponsor” plus an earlier year because you want your sponsorship link to last and if they have left up the links to their sponsors for the previous years, they will most likely leave up the link to your site for years to come as well.

What do you think? Can you think of any other ways to find ethical paid high quality links?

How to get .edu backlinks

As I was reading this awesome blog post by my friends at Portent …

7 Strategies for Getting .edu links

I was reminded of a link building strategy that is quite effective for getting .edu links.

Step 1: Create a discount program that is available only to students or teachers of universities. Most universities are glad to let their students and staff know about an extra free perk for being a part of their university. Your offer can be something like 10% off for all those with a valid student id from a university. If you can come up with a cool and memorable name for your discount program, even better!

Step 2: Create a landing page on your site with the terms and conditions of the discount program. Spell it out how the discount is an educational discount and how students or teachers can accept the offer.

Step 3: Call universities to tell them about your new discount program. After your initial call, be sure to send follow up information to the university by email. Send them the link to the page where the discount is located and provide them with the exact code they will need to link to your page correctly.

That is it! After you have the landing page setup, you can contact different universities in your area and share with them about the promotion.. soon you will have natural .edu links to your site!

Calculate the ROI of your SEO Campaign and Get Rid of the Guesswork

As I was talking to my business coach the other day I was telling her how motivated I am for this next coming year.  I was telling her that I finally feel like I am at the place where I know the formula.  I know my analytics.  I know my conversion rate at the keyword level.  I know how much traffic is generated per month and per year for specific keywords and where I am currently ranking for each of those keywords.  I know that if I improve my ranking from number 13 to number 1 for a specific keyword then my sales should increase by x amount of dollars.  I know my profit margin on sales and how much money is left over for marketing after expenses.  With all that information I can take my SEO knowledge and invest the specific budget of marketing dollars for a specific keyword and know that it is going to take x amount of time to achieve top ranking and make a profit.  I know which keywords are more profitable and which ones are a complete waste of time and resources.  The guesswork is gone and success is in the numbers.

So let’s get started!

How to determine the ROI of your SEO Campaign!

1. Build Your Website.  Make sure your website is SEO friendly and follows best practices for your visitors.  Focus on the adding features that will improve the conversion rate of your site as well as make it extremely easy to navigate.

2. Install Google Analytics or other favorite analytics software and track your sales and conversions at the keyword level.  This step is essential.  If you are not tracking your sales and conversions at the keyword level, it will be impossible to determine which keywords to focus your SEO campaign on.

3. If your site is new or does not yet have analytics data, then set up some PPC tests.  This also must be done correctly and at the keyword level so that you can track the impressions, click through rate, and conversions.  Set your ppc budget high enough so that your ads will show but not so high that you lose your shirt (or house) in the process.

4. Determine the average transaction value of an order.  If you can, also determine the lifetime value of a customer.  This is particularly true for sites that have a low front-end, but offer a membership or other products.

5. Narrow your list of keywords to the top 20-100 based on search volume and the conversion rate for your site.

6. Record the following info into an excel spreadsheet:

a. Keyword
b. Global Search Volume Exact Match
c. Monthly Search Volume Exact Match
d. 50% of Monthly Search Volume
e. Actual Page Views
f. Average Transaction Value
g. Current Organic Rank
h. Conversion Rate
i. Profit Margin

7. Determine what percentage of traffic you are currently receiving by dividing the Actual Page Views by the Monthly Search Volume.

8. Determine your annual sales by multiplying your actual page views by your conversion rate and the average transaction value and by 12 (for each of the 12 months).

9. Determine what your annual sales could by if you were ranking number one for the keyword by multiplying the 50% of monthly search volume by your conversion rate and the average transaction value and by 12 (for each of the 12 months.)

10. Subtract the number from the calculation in step 8 from the number in calculation in step 9.  This is how much your sales could increase if you moved from your current organic search rank to be number one in Google for your keyword.

11. Repeat the above for each of your keywords and determine which keyword will give you the most increase in sales.

12. Calculate your Annual profit margin and divide it in half to determine what your marketing budget should be for each keyword.

Although the above 12 steps might seem overwhelming at first, most of the steps can be outsourced to a virtual assistant for a few dollars.  The most difficult part, the analysis, should be done by the business owner or search marketing manager.  Also please note that the 50% click through rate for a number one organic listing is only an estimate.  The actual percentage rates are only known by the search engines themselves.  If you do the analysis however, you can safely determine which keywords will be the most profitable and know where to focus your efforts on for your search engine optimization campaign.

For a personalized ROI report for your business and to determine which keywords are the best to focus on for your site, give us a call!

Failure is Just a Stepping Stone

failureIn today’s economic climate, it’s safe to say that there are businesses that are failing. Because of this, it seems a good time to be reminded of the real purpose of failure – to be a stepping stone and a learning experience.

There are steps that one can take when faced with failure – or even just plain old hard times for that matter. Maybe you’re in the same boat as many online retailers (or any “traditional” business) in terms of profits. Sometimes it’s just a matter of redirecting efforts, and sometimes a business just won’t be able to pull through. Knowing how to deal with failure will help you as an individual to continue your climb to success and keep you from plummeting into a downward spiral of continued disappointment.

So how can you maintain a positive attitude when the very business you have been living and breathing is faltering? Separate yourself. That’s right. You are not the sum of the failures and setbacks you have experienced in your life. If that were the case, you would never have learned the simple task of walking. But because, as a toddler, you lacked the capability to think of falling as failure, you picked yourself back up and set back to the task of accomplishing your goal. How is it that children seem to be braver than we adults at times?

Being able to understand that A failure doesn’t make YOU a failure is huge. Without that understanding, your very belief may become dangerously perilous. So let’s just remember that we can walk, and all will be fine. Just keep taking one step at a time and you will be back on your path of success in no time.

Change your perspective of failure in general. Here’s a new way of looking at things. Failure is actually an integral part of success, for it provides the learning experiences that we so badly need in order to fill the big shoes we are trying to jump into. Everyone loves the idea as being viewed as prominent and successful vs. being seen as a failure. But the truth is, we need to fail. If we are not failing, we are not putting it all on the line and innovating new ways of doing things.

Should you find yourself in the position of having to dip into savings, having to get a regular 9 to 5 job, or even selling some things off in an effort to see your real dreams come to fruition, don’t waste time in despair. Talk to your partners, your friends, your mentors about the feelings you are having. But then stop talking and start doing. It is in the actions we take after a perceived failure that success has the opportunity to grow.

Failure strikes even the most prominent of figures. Here’s a great example:

• Family forced out of their home. He had to work to support them
• Mother died
• Lost his job
• Ran for state legislature and lost
• Wanted to go to law school but couldn’t get it
• Borrowed money to start a business. Ended up bankrupt within 12 months. Spent the next 17 years paying off his debt.
• A WIN! Elected to state legislature
• Fiancé died, leaving him alone and heartbroken
• A total nervous breakdown put him in bed for six months
• Defeated in run for House Speaker
• Defeated in run for nomination for U.S. Congress
• A WIN! Elected to Congress
• Lost re-nomination
• Rejected for officer position
• Defeated in run for U.S. Senate
• Defeated in run for Vice President
• Defeated in run for U.S. Senate
• Elected President of the United States in 1860!

linconNow you probably know the history of Abraham Lincoln quite well. Here is why all of it has been displayed once again. Abraham Lincoln is not known for his failures. He is known for his enormous impact on the world. Had he not bounced back from failure, he would not be known at all. Failure is just a stepping stone. Do not let setbacks stop you when they are meant to make you stronger.

Hubpages, One More Thing To Outsource Now

As you are probably well aware by now, hubpages are one more avenue you can travel down to increase the traffic coming to your website. However, there may be many who have yet to turn down Hubpage Street due to lack of knowledge or just plain lack of time. Let’s be clear, there is no good reason for you NOT to take advantage of every single road that will bring more visitors to your site. Higher traffic equals soaring profits equals the success you set out for. So let’s get to it!

If you have not begun your walk down the Social media path, starting that walk with hubpages may be a great idea. And here’s the way to get started today. Outsource this task to a writer or company who can write effective articles for you. Writing quality articles is one way that many online businesses gain visibility. But the thing with articles is that they are time consuming. You as the business owner are dedicated to those tasks which directly build your business. Therefore, you are to assign writing tasks, not attempt to complete them yourself.

Outsourcing hubpages is a task you can do relatively quickly. Through word of mouth, online directories, or companies which specialize in SEO and marketing, you can find quality writers to create articles directly related submission. So while you want a quality writer, you will also want to make sure you work with a person or company that can handle the behind-the-scenes portion of hubpages as well.

In order to find the right tags to use in your hubpages, some research is necessary. It is not difficult. In fact, it is a simple Google search. But the real issue here is not the level of difficulty of the task; but the amount of time it will take you to research both keywords and tags for your hubpages. This is why it is highly recommended to find a quality writer or company that will invest the necessary time.

While you may pay a little bit more for a professional company to handle these sorts of tasks (I know how tempting it can be to outsource to the lowest bidder), this is just another investment into your business – your future. When you continually look at the big picture, which is to drive as much quality traffic to your site as possible, then you can easily see the necessity in hiring the right person or company to write your articles and hubpages the first time around. Ryan Hupfer Ryan Hupfer

In building a high functioning, profitable website, outsourcing is a must. It is the fastest way to get ahead of the competition that may be lagging in taking a step towards their success. Outsourcing to quality professionals can move you in the right direction quickly and consistently. Your job is to seek out the right people to do the job and then let them run with it. Hubpages and other articles are some of the easiest things that you can outsource, but also some of the most important tasks you will assign. Do it right the first time and you will quickly reap the rewards of outsourcing to your business.

Play the Popularity Game Linking to Build Your Business

It’s no secret that link building is one way to increase the visibility – and credibility – of your ecommerce site. So powerful, in fact, is this practice that it has the ability to catapult your site to higher levels of success. However, on the flip side of that is that improper linking from outside sources can be deemed useless and earn your site negative attention from the search engines. That’s right! Throw basically useless links to your site and you can find yourself in no man’s land of search engine world.

So, while it’s easy to see the validity of using link building as an SEO strategy; it’s equally easy to understand why not every internet business is eager to delve into building links to their sites. Taking the time to learn the ropes of “link popularity” is well worth it when you are serious about seeing your internet business through to ultimate success. With a few tips, you should have plenty of fire power to get started.

Let’s start here: there are two benefits of requesting links from other sites; search engines like links from reputable sites (key word: reputable), and when you receive links from other reputable sites, visitors to that site may click that link and you therefore receive some extra visibility and traffic. Keeping this in mind as you seek to request links from other sites will keep you focused on the real goals of link building.

Relevancy is key when setting out to choose the sites you want to request links from. For instance, if you are selling an e-book about weight loss, it would not be relevant for you to request a link from a site that sells patio furniture. The two are completely unrelated and hence will result in a negative response from search engines. An e-book on weight loss could receive relevant links from health clubs, nutritionists and other health and exercise related sites.

Additionally, building links with other sites is not a business building activity that is done one time. No, this is an ongoing task that requires time and energy. Many companies that are serious about this task assign an employee to handle it diligently. The other option could be to outsource your link building activities to a company that specializes in SEO strategies. Because outsourcing is so popular, there are multiple options for those looking to engage in this practice for linking.

When it comes to building links, there are several tools available to assist with analysis. Some are free and some are not. Finding free tools can be done by searching through areas such as Google’s webmaster tool or Yahoo Site Explorer. Firefox also has a tool, SEO for Firefox. Again, time will be invested into finding the sites that will be deemed most relevant and then requesting and receiving the links you want from them. Keep at it, because from the buzz going around this is a business building activity that is definitely worth the time you will invest.