Why Pursue a Niche Market?

niche marketing

Every product has a market.  It may not be a big market but there is someone who will buy what you are offering.  Niche marketing determines where those markets reside.  Most advertising campaigns are drawn in broad strokes for greater appeal.  With niche marketing, your advertising can be more focused and directed since you know that everyone in your audience will be interested in the product.

Everything you do has a customer in mind.  The feel is more personal for the customer as if you are talking directly to them and know their needs.  Every customer wants to be appreciated for their business and with niche marketing this is possible.

Fewer dollars are wasted to draw business in.  If your target group doesn’t read the newspaper, there’s no reason to advertise there.  If they don’t redeem online coupons, there’s no sense in wasting energy to create and send them.  Use those extra dollars to offer added perks to your loyal customers.  Also improve your website with varied media like podcasts and streaming video.

Niches offer hundreds of thousands of dollars in untapped market opportunity that goes unclaimed.  This money could be in your pocket.  Bigger corporations aren’t going to waste their manpower on smaller markets that want specialty items.

In business, everyone is clamoring for position.  With a niche market, you can be the first and set the pace for others to follow.  Besides, you are satisfying a need that others have failed to meet.  You can feel good about that.

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Finding your niche in society is to find a place where you belong and can grow and thrive.  To find a niche in business is to find a market that needs something you want to be able to provide.  Niche marketing helps you to find smaller pictures within a larger one.

And, once you tap into a market, expand your business to increase profits.  There is enough room to move around amongst niches that everyone can make some money.

How to Make a Niche Marketing Profitable

After you have identified your product and your target audience, you have to bring the two together. People can’t buy what you are selling if they don’t know where to find you.

Website content

website Give your target audience a reason to return to your site. Interesting and engaging website content that answers common questions and explains the usefulness of your products will increase sales. Some niche marketers neglect content in favor of other strategies. Creating content is easy (if you are a writer). If you don’t write, you can buy PLR content to add to your site or hire a ghostwriter. Group the content according to subject. If one page is dedicated to mountain climbing technique, use a new webpage for content on choosing the best gear. Each page will be ranked separately and you won’t miss customers looking for gear information. Also optimize webpage headlines.

Email campaign

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Stay in contact with your customers. You don’t want a one-time only customer. With niche marketing, you are establishing a relationship with your customers. Staying in tune with their needs means communicating with them on a regular basis to be sure you are still getting it right. Loyal happy customers will recommend you to others.


Offer coupon discounts, contest giveaways, updates on new products you offer, and surveys to customers via their email. Autoresponder messages can be set up to send a certain message to your customer contacts at intervals to let them know you haven’t forgotten and appreciate their business. Email can also be used to send links to newsletters and other new features of your site as you add them.

Direct Sales

Niche marketing strategies can reach customers outside of the Internet. A niche business that operates on and offline still needs the same research done to produce a target market. You can buy lists of names according to pertinent demographic information obtained from your local Chamber of Commerce. Send out mailings to the people most likely to visit your store or website for your products. Even with direct sale mailings like this, you can still operate through your website to deliver the products to local customers.