Customer Service Tools That Make Your Job Easier

call Thankfully there are many tools that can make your job of providing excellent online customer service a lot easier. Today, with cloud-based systems that can be used from any location, you have a lot of choices. You’re not tied to location or a certain type of operating system any longer. You can provide excellent online customer service with your Smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop and not miss a beat.

14-support-optionsTicketing Systems


  •  —  With you can provide excellent customer service to your clients via a variety of methods and with a variety of different technology such as self-service, email, chat, phone, social media, or your website. Whether you have customer service agents or it’s just you, you’ll be able to provide enterprise level customer support. 
  •  —  While technically a customer relationship management application, this software offers add-ons that can make this an all-in-one solution for ticketing systems, as well as chat support for customers. You can create a knowledge base and workflow rules that escalate tickets easily.
  •  —  It’s cloud based, and on their server, so you don’t have to download or install anything. There are automation features that help you manage, engage and grow your customer base. For instance, you can turn comments on Facebook or Twitter into support tickets. You can do both text based (email support) and phone support using agents via 
  •  — Bills itself as an all-in-one client management system. This includes billing as well as support. You can even send quotes to clients that can later become invoices if the client accepts them. Can also be used as a way to provide customer support via a ticketing system. This system offers a lot of detail, as well as customization possibilities, plus it’s mobile, too. You have to install it on your own server.


15-chatLive Chat Systems


  •  — With you can increase sales by offering an easy way to chat with customers who visit your website. You can also offer a way for customers to get fast help for problems. You don’t even have to be at your desk to chat with your customers, you can use your mobile phone. What’s more, they offer a ticketing system and knowledge base in case customer live chat is not available during that time. Pricing is per agent and very reasonable. 
  •  —  Live chat that is either a real person or a “chatbot” they call a Virtual Assistant, for self-service. A customer could be on any page of your site and need help with something and simply pose a question to the Kana Virtual Assistant on every page and get automated help. Great for times when your live agents are offline. 
  •  — They offer a lot of different automated software for your website that will allow for sales or service chats live or by bot on your webpage. The system can be set up so that self-service is easier for your customers as they can be guided to the right answer for more complex issues. 
  • —  Using your preferred method to chat, like Gtalk, you can use this software to chat with your customers when they visit your site. You can provide customizable chat boxes for your clients on your site that blend in well and are not in the way. What’s really great about is that if you’re chatting with someone and can’t solve their issue you can escalate them and transfer them to another operator. 

Systems and tools will help your business provide excellent online customer service. Even if you cannot afford to invest in one of the tools above yet, at least dedicate one email address to customer service, make it simple for your customers to contact you, and make a commitment that you or a virtual assistant will answer customers quickly, efficiently and with a mind toward solving problems in favor of the customer.