Connect Your Google Profile and Business Website

Using Google + to maximize your brand can be a successful endeavor if you keep looking for new ways to use Google+. Linking your Google + profile to your website is very useful because your fans and customers can connect with you. The whole name of the game in business is having more targeted connections and then keeping in touch with those connections in the best ways possible.

If Google has this information about you it will be used to add relevancy to your name and business when people search for your keywords and keyword phrases. Once you’ve connected your profile with your website your site then can have a Google+ Direct Connect. It’s one of the fastest ways to maximize your brand with Google +.

It’s Good SEO

Search engine optimization is something you hear about a lot because it’s very important to helping people find you and your business. By adding your business website to your Google + Profile you’re giving people yet another way to find you.

You’ll be More Relevant

Once Google verifies you and your business site, and people search for you, they will place more relevancy on Google + verified businesses than on those who are not. Because most traffic still comes from Google, it makes sense to do it simply based on getting higher in search results.

Earn a Google+ Direct Connection

This is still in the testing phase but what it does is give people the ability upon searching for your company to put a + in front of their searches so they will automatically find your Google + Page and in some cases automatically ad you to their circles. Not all websites will get the connection right away, but it’s worth it to try.

Earn More Trust

Due to the fact that Google + verifies businesses and website ownership, you’ll be more trusted by having this connection established. People like to buy from those that they know, like and trust. Earning more trust will definitely maximize your business’s brand faster than not doing it.

Don’t forget to connect your business website to your Google + Profile for even more bang for your buck. Adding widgets and badges so that people who visit your website can easily see and visit your Google + Business Page will encourage more people to follow you. By getting more people to follow you and link to your Google + profile you’ll increase your ranking exponentially. So, if your business has more than one blog or webpage, put your badges and +1 buttons on every single one.

As you learn more about Google + for Business you’ll learn that the more you use it, the more you share, the more you interconnect everything to Google + the more people who will find you and the more chance you have to maximize your brand. You can’t do it all at once, so do one thing at a time, and do each thing thoroughly and you will see results that go beyond what you might have thought possible with social media like Google +.

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How to Maximize Your Business Brand on Google+