How to Create Professional CDs with Kunaki


Kunaki specializes in print on demand CDs and DVDs which can contain audio, video, ebooks, games, or data. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Kunaki software to create a data CD.

You will need:

  • A PC (not Mac compatible)
  • A fast internet connection (Dial-up is not recommended!)
  • Your data product(s) already added to a CD
  • Graphic program
  • Graphics for CD and cover (16 bit and 300 dpi)

Use these templates to make sure your images are the correct size.


Note: Kunaki deletes CD /DVD products if you or someone doesn’t buy within 180 days.


Step 1: Download and install your software

The first thing you will need to do is download your CD/DVD creation software, which is an .exe file. Save it to your desktop for easy access.



Double click on the icon to install. Choose run.



When the program screen opens, read the info and click on the green button in the upper right corner to begin.



Step 2: Select your options and fill in product info

When the next page appears, you will see a list of information. The first question asks you to select your product type. This determines the questions you see underneath. We chose the data/other option.

The information requested includes (bold is required):


Product type

Add UPC bar code


Sub title

Original release date

Copyright message


Author web site


Publisher web site

Catalog number (ASIN)

Description / requirements



When you are finished adding your information, click the green button in the top right of the page.

Step 3: Design your case and CD

Note: Make sure you have your images ready before you start. You cannot save your project and come back to it, so you will need to have everything ready to go when you start.

On this page you will choose your design method. You may choose to have the program auto-design a cover or you may add a custom design. Then pick the disc type you’d like to use. Choose whether you want to use a CD or a DVD. What kind of case would you like to use? Choose a jewel case or a DVD case.


We chose the custom design. By doing this, we were able to add a 3-D title instead of just having the program add it in plain text. If you are good with graphics or have a graphic artist on your team, we recommend using the custom design option.

Make sure your images are the appropriate size. Upload your images using the browse button. If the graphic doesn’t look right on the product, use the “clear” button to delete the image. Edit and upload your image again.


To preview your product, use the view buttons to open the case and scroll through the different views of the case and CD.



Step 4: Create and save your master CD

When you are finished adding your images, click the green button in the upper right corner.

Upload your CD files.


Click the “save as” button. Choose the place where you would like to save your project and type the file’s name into the popup box. The location will show up in the box below.


You should see this type of message. If you do not see this message, you may need to adjust the settings on your CD and try again or click on the question mark in the top right of your screen.



Step 5: Launch your master file

When your product has been compiled, you should see the file location of your project and a button. To launch your saved product click the button.



When your project launches, you will see a master copy similar to the one shown below.



Step 6: Perform pre-publishing tasks

On this page, you have three pre-publish options in the upper left of the page.

Option 1: You may print disc label and contents by clicking on the “print disc and case” button and then choosing your print options.



Option 2: If you want to save the CD contents to a folder on your hard drive, click the “extract contents to folder” button, browse to folder and click on the “start extracting” button..



Option 3: To make a copy of the master CD, click on the “record contents to cd” button in the upper left of your screen. Simply insert a blank CD and press the “start recording” button.


Step 6: Publish your product

Once you have saved or printed anything you wanted from the master CD file, you are ready to publish. To do this, click the “publish” button in the top-right corner of your screen.

Here you will be asked to login or register. Registered members may quickly fill in the current member section at the top. If you aren’t a registered member, you’ll see a registration form. After you fill in the info, click on the publish button.


Next, you will see your publishing progress. The larger the file is, the longer it will take to upload. Some people, in the past, reported video upload time taking as much as 48 hours. However, you can see that our 6.58 MB file, took less than 5 minutes to upload with a DSL connection.


When your project has completed uploading, you will see a message stating that it was delivered successfully. The message also instructs you to access your account to order your product or activate the “publish at no cost” service. Simply click the “ok” button to do either of the two things.


Once you receive the success message and login to your account, you may want to request a free copy of your product, purchase a product, or make adjustments to the product details, etc.