7 Tips for Encouraging Interaction and Participation on Facebook

audienceCall to Action — Ask your followers to do something such as: Click like if you agree, post if you disagree, etc. and always ask them to share. By including these statements in the blurb before you share any type of content you’ll get a lot more interaction from your fans.

Tagging — When you post something, especially if someone else inspired the action tag them. They and their friends will see the post depending on their privacy settings. Tagging helps get your message to even more people which is the point of sharing a message to start with.

Compel Discussions — Posting daily updates that include calls to action there will be a bigger chance that your fans will engage with you. Try questions, polls, images, quotes and news to see what gets the best results. In addition, you should also comment back when someone asks a question or makes a comment.

Reward Participation — Some of your fans will participate more, reward them for doing it. Offer the occasional freebie item to your fans only. It can be a percents off coupon, a free eBook, a free ecourse, something that only interests your target audience that will excite them to like, comment and share. People like feeling exclusive and special, by pointing out that only Facebook Fans are getting this offer you’ll feed into that fact.

Content Curation — After some testing you should know what your fans like. Do they like it when you share original images and content, or do they like it when you share other people’s information and explain it to them? By sharing a combination of your own content, and that of others, you can become the go-to expert.

Call Out Members — People love being featured for their actions. If you ask your fans to do something for you such as submit a video or image of them using your products and services, then you post them, and tag them, they’ll love it. Their own friends and family will see it when you tag them, and perhaps like your page too.

Poll Your Fans — Are you in the process of creating new products and services? If so, why not poll your current fans regarding what to name your new product or what features to include? They’ll love participating and they’ll be that much more likely to purchase the product after having participated in its creation.

By implementing these 7 tips to get more participation and interaction from your audience you’ll soon find that you’ve created more than a business page on Facebook. You’ve created an active social network that is ready to not only buy what you’re selling but to brag about it to their friends and family.