Tips for Using Google Plus for Your Business

Google Plus for Business
Maximizing your business brand on Google + involves staying focused on your target audience, business goals, and niche while engaging with others. To use Google + for your business it’s important to follow some best practices. First and foremost, remember that you’re promoting your business brand. Secondly, while you want to show your personality, remember that your focus should be on your business brand and what you bring to your market.

Complete Your Profile

Don’t leave up a half done profile for very long. It’s important to fill it out as completely as possible so that no one is confused about what your business offers. Upload pictures, link to videos, and other content. Claim your unique URL and figure out some relevant content to put in every area of your profile.

Get Verified

Don’t skip the verification process required for businesses on Google +. They will send you a PIN which is required for you to claim your business. It usually takes two weeks to receive the post card with the PIN on it. Look for it and verify right away so that you don’t forget this important step.

Share Unique Content

Once your account is set up, start uploading and linking to targeted unique content. You want to fill your account with some content before you start asking for and getting followers other than people that you already know. The content itself will help you get more followers as your friends share it, and they find it on search.

Engage With Others

Google + for business is also a social network, which requires you to be social. You want people to engage with your content by following you, sharing it, commenting on it, so it will help if you do the same with their content. If you want people to do something, ask them. Your call to action is just as important here as it is on other social media sites.

Segment Using Circles

Google + offers the ability to segment your followers with circles. Circles enable you to create different groups for different types of followers. Perhaps you have customers who have purchased from you; you can drag them into one circle so that you can share information about the product they bought.  Circles allow for many different types of market segmentation which will further help you maximize your branding efforts.

Use All That Google + Offers

Google + has so much to offer that it can become overwhelming. Once you’ve got the hang of putting up unique content, having discussions with others, filling your circles, and more, start branching out by trying out Google Hangouts and Google events and other offerings that Google rolls out. Using as much of this free service as possible will ensure that it will work for you as a branding tool.

Google + is a useful social media for expanding and maximizing your business brand. The more you use the tools provided the better you’ll get at implementing them and seeing the big picture. It can be overwhelming at first to try something new, but the more you use Google + the more you’ll realize the benefits.


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