Creative Book Promotion with Facebook


As an author you want to be as creative as possible when marketing and promoting your book to the public. You want to get started promoting yourself and your book(s) as soon as possible so that you can build a fan base even before you release your book. Even if you’ve already released your book, you can still get moving on Facebook marketing and promotion. Follow these steps.

1. Create an Author Website

No social media accounts can substitute for a well made Author’s website. Your Author’s website will be the hub of all your marketing activities. It will be where your content lives, where you can sell your book(s), show the ways to connect with you online and where your upcoming appearances are. Put a nice headshot on your “About the Author” page, and don’t ever forget to remember your call to action. If you want them to “sign up”, “connect”, “order”, or “download” you’ll need to tell them.

2. Create an Author’s Page on Facebook

Your author’s page on Facebook should be separate from your personal Facebook page. It’s easy to create a new page just sign in to your personal account, then scroll down to Pages on the left, click it, then click “create a page. Choose Artist, Band or Public Figure to make your Author Page.

3. Create a Product Page for Your Book on Facebook

In the same way that you created a new Author Page on Facebook you can also create a product page specific for your book. If you have more than one book you can create a separate page for each book. This will enable you to create better and more focused advertisements for each book that you write and make Facebook marketing and promotion easier.

4.Create a Group Page for Your Book on Facebook

Another fun thing you can do when marketing and promoting your book on Facebook is to create a special Group Page just for your book. A group page is fun because it has more features allowing your audience to communicate with you and each other. You can make a page like this private so that only people who have actually ordered your book know how to join.

5. Create Content to Share

When you have all these different places to promote your book ready you’ll need to create a constant flow of content to attract your fans and potential fans from across the Internet. You can use snippets from your book, share reviews of your book, create a book trailer using video and, and more.  Some content ideas might be to share quotes that you love, articles that you’ve written or that someone else wrote that you enjoyed, photos and videos that are fun or informative are great ideas too.


Even as an author you may sometimes run out of ideas on your own to keep the content flowing. If that happens you can actually hire someone to help you, or you can ask other authors to guest post on your blog. You can also ask someone to interview you and put it on your website’s blog. All the content that you create will be shared across all your Facebook real-estate so that you can connect with fans and future fans.


If you’d like to know more about Promoting Your Book Using Facebook , then don’t miss our free Webinar on December 12th, “How to Market & Promote Your Book Using Facebook”.