Do You Need Advanced Email Marketing Software?

There’s no question in the business world that your email-marketing list is one of the most valuable assets to your company. This carefully procured database of names and email addresses helps you:

  • Stay in touch with previous customers
  • Convert new customers over time
  • Keep your business front of mind

If you don’t have an email-marketing list, you hold your business back from tremendous opportunities:

  • Joint venture partners are less likely to consider working with you to cross-promote your services and products
  • You’re clients are less likely to become repeat buyers: you lose revenue since they don’t remember to buy from you
  • You won’t have a ready-made community at your fingertips to test the market for new initiatives

In fact, email marketing automation is the fastest, easiest way to stay in touch with almost everyone that has the potential to buy from you and/or has bought from you in the past.

Email maketing automation

How Big Should Your Email Marketing List Be Before You Automate?

If you’ve come to the conclusion, like we have, that an email-marketing list is the key to your success in business, you’re probably wondering how big your email-marketing list needs to be.

The answer is quite simple: the size of the list is not as relevant as ensuring that you have an engaged audience of users who will:

  • Open your emails (high open rates)
  • Take the actions you tell them to (click here)
  • Give you the feedback that you ask for
  • Provide unique insights to your niche

Which means that the question you really need to ask yourself is how, once you’ve gained a respectable number of emails, will you progress to hooking those subscribers into buyers?

The Secret of Sales Marketing Funnels and Email Marketing Automation

The piece of the puzzle that most small business owners miss is how sales funnels work in your business. Each person who chooses to be part of your world (via social media, email, or face-to-face networking events) is at a different stage in the buying process.

Email marketing is the easiest, most efficient way to stay in touch with these buyers. But you need to continually market to each stage of the buying process in order to convert them into a buyer of your goods and services.

The stages are generally:

  • Unawareness: Who is this company?
  • Awareness: I recognize the company’s name.
  • Interest or Education: Oh, the company sells XYZ
  • Consideration: I might need XYZ for my home/office
  • Justification: Here’s why I need this product/service
  • Purchase: I’m now ready to buy from this company

Let’s explain this concept another way: sales funnels are like dating. When you go on the first date, you are getting acquainted. By the third, you are starting to learn about each other and invest emotionally. After two months, perhaps you’re ready to commit.

On the first date, however, you would not ask someone to come to dinner and meet your mother. You cannot skip steps. Sales funnels require a natural progression from meeting to marrying.

Are you ready for the big reveal? Email marketing is a passive, no-pressure method for setting up the perfect sales funnels to target your ideal audience.

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Advanced Email Marketing vs. Traditional Email Marketing

There are two key differentiators in advanced email marketing:

First, advanced email-marketing software will allow you to set up sales funnels in an easy, logical way that perfectly targets your buyers via a progression of actions.

Second, advanced email-marketing software allows you to better engage with your audience based on the stage of the buying process where they are – not where you think they should be.

In traditional email marketing, you shoot out a set of static emails:

  • Saying hello / soft introduction
  • Pain point of client
  • Solution to issue
  • How you provide the solution

The variable in this equation is how many emails you send within each category. For example, maybe there are 10 pain point emails with you as the solution.

Advanced email marketing (typically automated email marketing strategies) allows the user to control their own buying process based on the facts in each email that are relevant to them. Let’s see it in action:

Hi, Betty:

Do you leave your busy nursing job feeling exhausted? Does your body experience severe aches and pains when you try to sleep?

Our mattress professionals have designed a soft, pillow-top mattress that’s specifically designed to help busy professionals get the rest they need.

We offer financing options to any qualified buyers…

You’ll note that there are three links in the email. Each link will lead Betty to a different set of automated emails. Therefore, with advanced email marketing software, Betty is:

  • More engaged in her own buying process; she is choosing what to see next
  • Inched closer to buying with more specific, targeted emails
  • Feels more connected with the brand she’s buying from

How different does a buying experience feel to you when you only see the information that is relevant to your unique needs?

When to Invest in Advanced Email Marketing Software

Once your list has several hundred subscribers, you will find yourself struggling to communicate with them. Why?

You can’t take every girl you like on the same type of date.

Therefore, when you begin to recognize that you need solution for the following, it is time to progress to more advanced email marketing software:

  • You offer different products for different people
  • You are selling to different niches / industries
  • Your are seeing a high unsubscribe rate
  • Your click-throughs are very low
  • You’re not consistently sending a newsletter

Advanced email marketing, and email marketing automation, let’s you set up your sales funnels and passively target your audience.

The moment that you find yourself struggling to communicate to a diverse list about multiple products, it’s time for you to stop second-guessing the best possible solution to creating a highly engaged audience that loves your brand.

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