Can I Monetize My Blogs?

make money from blogging

Absolutely.  Once you’ve got a good stream of traffic coming in, monetizing your blogs is a cinch.  Today’s most popular method of monetizing blogs is allowing advertisements on it.  And the company offering the world’s largest online contextual advertising program is Google.  This program is known as Adsense.

By signing-up with Adsense, you are allowing Google to place targeted ads on your blog that are relevant to the theme of your blog.  If a reader sees an ad and clicks on it out of interest, you earn yourself some money.  The more readers that click on the ads, the more money you make.  There are people making a full-time income doing nothing but creating sites for Adsense.  This may not necessarily be the best way to monetize your blog, but it is one of the easiest.

There are many more types of advertising programs like CPC advertising, Impression-Based Ads, Text Ads, etc.  Take some time to study which advertising model works best for your blog.

The other way of monetizing your blog is to place affiliate links throughout your content. is an example of a company that offers an affiliate program.  Signing-up for it is free as with most companies offering such programs.  Commission Junction is another.  If you find a product that appeals to both you and your audience, you can sign-up as an affiliate to sell it.  Doing so involves either placing banners on your site, or text-links that you can weave into your content.  When a reader clicks on that link or banner and buys the product, you earn a commission.

make moneyHere are some other ideas you could implement towards monetizing your blog:

  • Seeking sponsorship
  • Donations or tip jars
  • Selling merchandise
  • Selling content via a subscription-based model. Your subscribers pay to read your high-value posts. To make this work, you need to offer something very unique to your readers that they can’t get anywhere else.
  • Get paid to write for a blog network. Sites like and, provide a revenue share on advertising. Other sites may pay you per post.
  • Turn your blog content into a book. You can self-publish a print book or sell it in ebook format.
  • Selling original downloadable products like ebooks and information products.

Ultimately, the key to making your business blog an overwhelming success is to keep it real and have fun with it.  Make it a point to interact with everyone of your subscribers.  The truth about publishing a blog is that it does not belong to you.  It belongs to the community.  Use this to your advantage to tap into the minds of your readers.  If you’re planning a new product, ask them for some of the features they would like to see in it.  The blog makes it a perfect feedback mechanism to get the answers you need to make your business an ongoing success.